Elevate Your Wix Design: Learn How to Add Columns & Text in Wix

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Are you ready to transform your Wix website into a visually appealing, user-friendly space? Welcome to our comprehensive guide, "Elevate Your Wix Design: Learn to Add Columns & Text in Wix."

Here, we will answer pressing questions like "Can you create columns in Wix?" and "How does the Wix Editor assist in adding columns and text?" We'll guide you step-by-step on how to infuse text and incorporate columns in your Wix site, effortlessly enhancing your webpage's aesthetics and functionality.

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Furthermore, we'll delve into the numerous benefits adding columns can bring to your site design, from improved navigation and optimized space utilization to increased user engagement.

So, buckle up as we embark on this exciting journey to elevate your Wix website design to the next level.

Can You Create Columns in Wix?

Absolutely, Wix is a highly customizable and user-friendly platform that allows you to create columns on your website. This feature comes in handy when you're looking to segment your content, streamline your design, or enhance your site's visual appeal.

It's particularly beneficial for presenting multiple pieces of content side-by-side, whether it's text, images, or other media.

Whether you want to create a newspaper-style layout, showcase your products, or display your services in a neat, organized manner, columns are your go-to tool.

Importantly, the flexibility of Wix's column feature ensures your website remains responsive and optimized for all device types.

Note: Not all Wix templates support the column feature. If you want to use columns on your website, make sure that your chosen template supports this feature. Also you can’t create columns within the blog post.

Is Wix Editor Help in Adding Columns/Text in Wix Website?

Yes, the Wix Editor is designed to help users customize their website, which includes the functionality to add and modify columns. Columns in Wix can be added to better organize your content, create unique layouts, and enhance the overall design of your website.

How to Add Text Using Wix Editor

To add text to your Wix website, you will need to create a new page. First, log in to your Wix account. Then, select the "My Sites" option from the Wix website.

If you have any questions about adding text to your Wix website, you can contact Wix support. To do this, go to the Wix Help Center and search for your question. If you need more help, you can follow our guide on how to contact Wix.

Let's move on to the next step. Select your website and look for the "Edit Site" option in the top-right corner of your screen. Click on it.

To add text to your website, you will need to create a new page. Once you have created the new page, you can add a navigation bar to the header section to make it easier for users to navigate your website.

Click on the ‘+’ button in the upper left corner of the dashboard. In the pop-up, click on the Text option. Then, set your text according to H1 and H2 tags.

How To Add Columns in Wix

To Add columns  simply go to My sites and click on the Edit Site in the Upper right corner to make it editable and add functionality in it.

To add a column to a section, select the section where you want to add the column and click the "Add section" button. This will allow you to insert an image or a pre-made section, giving your layout a more tailored feel.

Once you have selected the section where you want to add a column, click the "Strip" button.

To open the column pop-up, click on the Layout option in the Strip bar.

When the Layout pop-up opens, click on the "Add Column" button. You can then set the alignment of the column however you like. This will improve the functionality of your website's landing page.

After you have added the columns as your requirements then it will look like this as my desire i added 2 columns you can see below.

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Benefits of Adding Columns in Wix

  • Organized Content: Columns in Wix allow for a cleaner and more structured arrangement of content, enhancing your site's visual appeal and readability.
  • Versatility: You can use columns to add different types of content side-by-side, such as text, images, and videos, providing a more engaging user experience.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Columns can help balance the design of your webpage, creating a more professional and visually pleasing layout.
  • Better Navigation: With columns, you can group related content together, making it easier for visitors to find what they're looking for.
  • Improved Space Utilization: Columns help you make the most of the space available on your webpage, allowing you to display more content without cluttering the page.
  • Increased Engagement: Well-placed columns can guide visitors' attention to key information or calls to action, potentially leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, creating columns on your Wix website is not only possible but also beneficial. Columns allow you to enhance the structure, design, and functionality of your site, offering an organized and visually appealing layout that boosts user engagement.

Using Wix's user-friendly editor, you can easily add columns, tailor the layout of your pages, and intersperse different types of content side-by-side, such as text, images, or videos.

It's a handy tool for showcasing your products or services in a systematic manner, ensuring your content remains neat, organized, and readily accessible to visitors.

Furthermore, columns optimize space utilization on your webpage, facilitating navigation and focusing users' attention on key elements, thereby fostering higher engagement and potentially increased conversion rates.

While certain restrictions apply, such as not all templates supporting the column feature or the inability to create columns within blog posts, Wix's flexibility largely compensates for these limitations, offering a customized, responsive, and visually satisfying browsing experience.

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