How to Change a Wix Template (Step by Step Visual Guide)

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Note: On Wix, although you can't apply a new template to an existing site, you have the option to create multiple sites within your account. This allows you to begin a new site with a fresh template whenever you like, and you can transfer your Premium plan to the new site. Keep in mind that when starting with a new template, certain features can be transferred, while others cannot. Being aware of this will help you make informed decisions when switching templates.

Are you exhausted from constantly seeing the same monotonous Wix website templates? Eager to set yourself apart from the masses with a bespoke design that truly reflects your brand? Then you've come to the right place. 

It's time to bid farewell to those lackluster, generic templates and embrace the world of innovative and captivating designs that will elevate your website to new heights. 

Want to change your Wix template? No problem, Follow these easy steps: choose a new template, customize it to your taste, and apply it to your site. Now you'll have a unique, eye-catching website representing your brand. 

This article explains how to transform your Wix website template to give your online presence the distinctive and polished appearance it genuinely merits.

Set Up a Unique Wix Site by Employing a Varied Template

To begin, sign in to your Wix account. Once logged in, navigate to the "My Sites" section. From there, proceed to create a new Wix site, which will serve as the foundation for your professional and customized online presence.

Well, as you get started, they will ask you a bunch of questions to help you figure out the exact kind of website you want to create. Don't worry; it's just a part of the process to get your site up and running smoothly.

Alright, the next thing Wix will ask you when creating your website is, "What do you want to add to your site?" There are many options, so just think about your business plan and pick the ones that make the most sense for you. Don't worry; you've got this.

To edit a template, you need to select it here.

Select the desired template you wish to transition to. In this instance, let's take the consultant landing page as an example for demonstration purposes. Glide your cursor over the template and opt for the "Edit" option.

Wonderful, The selected template has been successfully made available for your immediate use.

Replicate the Current Content onto the New Website

As stated earlier, at the moment, Wix does not provide an option to change templates directly within an existing website.

To overcome this limitation, you must transfer the content from your current site to a new site that utilizes the desired template and adjust it as needed.

Therefore, navigate to your Wix dashboard for all your websites and modify the current website for which you want to apply a new template. Begin by replicating its content on the new website with the chosen template.

You should go for the top right corner, click on the site editor.

To see your website's menu while you're in the editing interface, just go ahead and find the "Pages & Menu" option in the side panel. Once you click on it, you can view the entire menu, including all the pages on your site. 

Then when will you click on “Pages & Menu Section” A New Window open like as,

Make a right-click on the page where the content should be copied and choose Copy.

Could you please go back to that web browser tab where you've opened your new Wix website from earlier? Look for the Pages & Menu option in the side panel when you're there.

When you have clicked on “Paste” you will see it will paste below and the name should be like “copy of home”. So, there you can rename according to your need as i wrote here “Services”.

Here you can see your page that you have pasted is working. As I pasted services page so i looks like,

Undertake this procedure for any number of pages required from your current website. Admittedly, it's a monotonous task, but it remains the sole method to change a Wix template. 

Certain Wix functionalities cannot be migrated to a different website, including premium applications and widgets like videos, booking, contacts, etc. You must reconstruct or reestablish these apps/widgets on your new website.

Modify the Typeface, Color Schema, and Site Organization

After transferring your previous content to the new platform, you will observe that most content retains its original design. This is indeed accurate. When Wix duplicates existing web page material, it replicates the font style, background color, images, etc. However, the new template provides the header, navigation, and footer.

Thus, the only modifications needed are adjusting the font, color, and layout to correspond with the new website's appearance, making it seem like your site has seamlessly transitioned to the new template. Thankfully, the Wix editor allows you to effortlessly modify every aspect of your website.

The following is a comprehensive list of alterations that can be made to the existing content to ensure it aligns with the new template's design.

Modifying the Typography to Align with the Updated Design

Modifying the typeface to correspond with a fresh template is relatively simple, as each Wix template has a pre-set text theme. This encompasses a variety of font styles intended for every heading and paragraph within the template.

For instance, in this particular template, Brandon Grotesque is the primary font for most headings, whereas Helvetica Light is employed for all paragraph text.

To utilize the default theme font, right-click on your existing content's header and choose Edit Text from the context menu.

Select a heading from the theme list. 

Now you can modify selected content theme heading. I selected heading 2 as I need “H2”. You can select according to your desire.

Now, you can see what change has happened when you change the heading. Have a look at my result,

Modifying the Color Schema at Align with the Updated Design

Changing your current content's background hue is easy since every Wix template has its Color scheme built right in.

You know, it's a lot like the Text scheme, where the Color scheme gives you a bunch of pre-set color palettes that you can use throughout your website.

So, if you're looking to find and tweak the color scheme, all you have to do is go to Site Design, then hit Site Theme, and finally, click on Color.

When you clicked on “Site Design”, you will find your screen like as below,

Choose “site theme” and click on the customize.

Now choose Color customize Option.

In order to modify the backdrop hue, simply tap on any "background," then choose "Change Strip Background," then click on "Color."

Opt for a suitable Color from the range of theme colors to implement a refreshed background shade.

Modifying the Site Layout to Align with the Updated Design

If you want to add a new layout that matches the existing theme, a quick and easy way is to just copy one of the layouts you already have.

To get started, create a new page from your website's navigation menu, and you're ready.

Upon incorporating a fresh webpage via the website's navigation panel, Wix seamlessly integrates the pre-established color scheme and typography preferences throughout the various design elements. 

Theme Color and typography applied to all layouts.

This implies that effortlessly incorporating modifications, adjustments, and edits to your existing website with the novel theme design is a breeze.

Choose a page structure that appeals to you from any category page, and effortlessly duplicate a segment from the prevailing theme.

Proceed to your previous content page and insert the freshly designed format (utilize the right-click function to paste).

Wrapping Up 

In conclusion, changing your Wix website template to create a unique and captivating online presence is achievable through several steps. 

Start by choosing a new template, customizing it to your taste, and applying it to your site. While Wix does not currently allow for direct template changes within an existing website, you can work around this limitation by transferring the content to a new site with the desired template. 

This may require tedious work, but the result is a polished and distinctive website reflecting your brand. Don't forget to modify the typography, color scheme, and site layout to align with the updated design, ensuring a seamless transition. 

By following these guidelines, you'll have a stunning, eye-catching website representing your brand and setting you apart from the competition.


Can I change my Wix template directly within my existing website?

Wix does not allow direct template changes within an existing website. Instead, you'll need to create a new website with the desired template, then transfer the content from your current site to the new one.

Will I lose any content or functionalities when transferring my content to a new Wix website with a different template? 

Most of your design elements will be retained when transferring content. However, some premium applications and widgets like videos, booking, and contacts may not be transferred. You must reconstruct or reestablish these apps/widgets on your new website.

How can I modify the typography and color scheme to match the new template design? 

To modify the typography and color scheme, you can use the pre-set text and color themes provided by each Wix template. Access these settings through the Wix editor by selecting "Site Design," "Site Theme," and then "Typography" or "Color." Customize according to your preferences to align with the updated design.

Is adding a new layout matching the updated template design possible? 

Yes, you can easily add a new layout by creating a new page from your website's navigation menu. Wix will automatically apply the pre-established color scheme and typography preferences throughout the various design elements, making integrating the new layout with your existing content simple.

Will my website's SEO be affected when I change the Wix template and transfer content to a new site? 

Changing your Wix template and transferring content to a new site may impact your SEO. However, the impact should be minimal if you maintain the same URL structure, meta tags, and other SEO elements. Review your site's SEO settings and make any necessary adjustments after transferring the content to ensure optimal search engine visibility.

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