How to Buy a Domain Name Forever (Step by Step Visual Guide)

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Are you aware that your business faces a risk if someone else purchases your domain upon expiration? This highlights the importance of securing your domain name forever. 

Unbelievable, Samnay Ved bought the domain for a mere $12 in September. 

Consequently, Google is at risk and must pay Samnay $6,006.13 to reclaim ownership of the domain.

If you don't want your website to go down during business hours, you need to focus on how to renew your domain registration on time or how you can buy a domain permanently. 

Most hosting providers only offer domain registration for up to 10 years, so you'll need to pay to renew it after that. We are here with the solution to this problem for you.

In this guide, you will learn how to buy domain name forever through three ways

  • Buy a domain name forever through Unstoppable Domains
  • Use the Namecheap Top Up option to auto renew the domain names
  • Get domain name forever through domain name management services

At the end, we will also discuss when we need to buy the domain name. We will cover our topic with proper screenshots to understand the procedure of buying a domain name. Let’s start.  

Can We Buy a Domain Name Permanently from an Unstoppable Domain?

Yes, it is possible to buy a domain name permanently. Unstoppable Domains offers a service for buyers who want to purchase a domain name forever. The domain names can also be automatically renewed by paying again before expiration.

Now we will discuss the steps on how to buy domain names permanently from the unstoppable domains.

Step 1. Go to Unstoppable Domain website

In order to buy a domain name permanently, simply visit the Unstoppable Domains website and select a domain name that is available. 

All domain names are available for purchase forever, except for .eth and .com domain names. 

Leasing of domain names is done on a yearly basis, with a maximum registration period of 10 years. After the registration period expires, the domain name will be released back to the public, and anyone can register it.

Step 2. Check the Availability of the Domain 

You can enter the domain name you want in the search box to find the perfect match for your online business or blog. Once you've entered the domain name, proceed by clicking on the search icon to initiate the search process and explore availability.

Step 3. Add to Cart 

If you find a domain name that is available, you will see a green "available" label below it. Adding the domain to your cart is as simple as clicking "Add to Cart.". However, adding a domain name to your cart does not reserve it. Others can still purchase the same domain name until you complete the checkout process.

Step 4. Open Your Cart

Once you open your cart, you will see a list of all the domain names you have added to purchase permanently. 

You will also see an order summary for all the domain names, including the total price, which is the sum of the subtotal and the Unstoppable Vault fee (in my case, $4). Just click on the "Checkout Cart" button at the bottom to move forward.

Step 5. Check the Payment Method

Next, choose how you want to pay for the domain name you're buying forever. You can use your card, go with PayPal, or even pay with Cryptocurrency or After picking your payment method, provide the details and click on the "Submit Payment" button.

Steps: How to Buy a Domain Name Forever with NameCheap's Top-Up Option

Namecheap's top-up option is essential for preventing your website from going down during business hours. It allows you to add funds to your Namecheap account and purchase a domain, which you can then set up for automatic renewal. 

You should add enough funds to your account to cover your domain registration for the foreseeable future. Namecheap will then automatically renew your domain before it expires.

Let’s discuss how to add balance in your namecheap account using the Top up option in just three steps. 

Step 1. Sign Up at NameCheap

If you have a Namecheap account, sign in by clicking "Sign In" at the top of the page. 

Otherwise, create an account by clicking "Sign Up" and entering your email address, business name, password, first name, and last name. Then click "Create Account and Continue."

Step 2. Add Fund to Namecheap Account

Now that you're at the Namecheap dashboard, you'll see many options, including domain, hosting, marketing tools, and domain security. Since we're learning how to add funds to Namecheap accounts, click the "Top Up" option in the Account Balance box.

A new page will open showing your current account balance. Select a payment method from card payment, PayPal, or Bitcoin. We will use card payment, so click the "Next" button.

After selecting a payment method, enter the amount you want to add to your Namecheap account, ensuring it covers the lifetime renewal cost of your domain name. Then click the "Next" button.

Step 3. Add Billing Details 

Now, proceed by providing your card details along with billing information. Input your first name, last name, address, city, zip code, province, and country. Once you've entered these details, click on the next button to continue.

Here, you need to confirm the specified amount, crucially input your card details, and then click on "Charge and Proceed." This action will credit the entered amount to your Namecheap account.

Steps to Buy Domain Name from Namecheap

After adding funds to your Namecheap account, set up automatic renewal for your domain name. This process is akin to securing a domain forever. 

When purchasing a domain with a balance, make sure to enable the auto-renew option during the checkout process. Let's delve into the steps for acquiring a domain name from Namecheap.

Step 4. Check the Availability of the Domain Name

Write the domain name to check its availability at namecheap in the search bar and then click on the search icon. 

If the domain that you enter is available then it is marked tick otherwise there are many suggestions related to your domain name to select from them. As the domain that i search is available here then i click on Add to cart button adjacent to this. 

Step 5. Checkout Cart

When you add a domain to cart then there is a button shown at the bottom of the page. If you don’t want to add any more domains then click on Checkout button at the right bottom of the page. 

Step 6. Select the Year After Which You Want to Renew Domain

Most domain providers, including Namecheap, offer domain registrations for 2-10 years. After your registration period expires, you must renew your domain name to keep it. 

You should renew your domain name before it expires to prevent losing it to someone else, like Vamnay did with

To prevent this, enable auto-renew on your domain name. When auto-renew is enabled, and you have enough funds in your account, your domain name will be automatically renewed before it expires. This is a great way to protect your business.

Step 7. Setup Auto Renew Domain Name

At the top of the page, click "Bulk Settings" to open a popup with two auto-renew options: enable for all eligible domains or disable for all eligible domains.

Step 8. Confirm Order

Make sure the auto-renew button is enabled, then click the "Confirm Order" button to complete your purchase.

Click the "Pay Now" button below your subtotal in the upper right corner of the page to complete your payment.

Then, a pop-up notification will appear, indicating that your order has been successfully submitted and is currently in the processing stage.

Finally, a gratitude message will appear on your screen. Namecheap will send you a thank-you message like this: "Thank You for Your Order!"

Use Domain Name Management Services to Buy Domain Forever

Domain management services play a crucial role in the acquisition and ongoing management of domain names, which are a vital part of establishing an online presence. 

When utilizing domain management services, these providers typically operate on a monthly billing model. The fees for these services can vary across different providers. 

For instance, if a provider charges $100 per month for their services, this would amount to an annual expense of $1200.

It's important to consider these costs when budgeting for domain management, as the cumulative yearly expense can be significant depending on the service tier and additional features you opt for.

Wrapping Up

Our comprehensive guide has outlined the essential steps and methods to secure a domain name potentially forever. 

Businesses and individuals can safeguard their online presence by exploring options such as Unstoppable Domains for permanent purchases, utilizing NameCheap's Top-Up feature for ongoing renewal, and leveraging the expertise of domain name management services. 

These strategies not only ensure continued ownership of your domain but also provide essential security and maintenance features. 

With detailed steps and visual aids, this guide empowers you to make informed decisions for a stable and secure digital footprint.


Can I buy a domain name permanently?

Yes, it is possible to buy a domain name forever through services like Unstoppable Domains. They offer permanent domain name purchases. Other registrars like Namecheap allow you to automatically renew domains indefinitely by adding funds to your account to cover future renewal costs.

What happens if I don't renew my domain name registration? 

If you fail to renew your domain name registration before it expires, you risk losing ownership of the domain. Someone else will be able to purchase it once it expires. This could lead to your website going down during business hours if the new owner doesn't maintain it.

How can I make sure my domain auto-renews?

To ensure your domain auto-renews, enable the auto-renew option when purchasing the domain name initially. You can do this on most major registrars like Namecheap. Also, make sure your account has enough balance to cover renewal costs indefinitely.

What is the benefit of using a domain management service?

Domain management services provide expertise in acquiring and managing domain names over the long term. They can help secure domains, monitor expiration dates, and handle renewals to ensure your online presence remains intact. This simplifies the domain name ownership process.

What domain extensions can I buy forever? 

Unstoppable Domains allows permanent purchases for most of their domain extensions like .crypto and .nft. However, some popular extensions like .com and .eth are only available for set registration periods of up to 10 years before needing renewal.

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