9 Best Working From Home Phones Systems | For Remote Teams

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Did you miss an important team discussion because your traditional working from home phones systems couldn't cope with remote communication? These are just a few of the frustrating challenges faced by remote workers globally. But here's the good news: Cloud phone systems are revolutionizing the way remote teams communicate.

As the remote work trend continues to surge, many businesses are grappling with communication challenges. Being miles apart, teams are finding it hard to maintain the same level of collaboration and efficiency they once had in office settings.

Traditional phone systems just don't cut it anymore. Enter cloud phone systems, the lifeline for remote teams. These platforms promise to bring the office phone experience right to your living room. But with so many options available, which one suits your needs best?

In this blog, we'll delve deep into the 9 best work-from-home phone systems tailored for remote teams. Buckle up for a comprehensive review that will transform your remote communication game.

9 Best Cloud Phone Systems Which one Suit You Best

Cloud phone systems offer flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. They streamline communication, support remote work, reduce infrastructure costs, and enable quick updates, making them indispensable for modern businesses.

Let's delve into a comprehensive comparison of the top work-from-home phone systems. We'll examine each system's pricing, features, and significance, providing a detailed analysis side by side.

1. RingCentral Office: Revolutionizing Cloud Phone Systems

RingCentral Office heralds a new age in business communication. It transcends the capabilities of a typical business phone system and stands out as a complete communication hub.

The platform assures set up in mere minutes and guarantees uninterrupted calls, ensuring you never experience a dropped call.

As a coworker messages you inquiring about your availability, an incoming call from Martin Smith simultaneously pops up. This is the seamless connectivity RingCentral Office offers, making such scenarios your daily norm.

The platform supports calls, faxes, and chats and even presents a visual voicemail, all under a single unified application.

What's more, setting up the RingCentral Office solution is a breeze. Irrespective of the device you choose, be it a mobile, desktop, or a standard desk phone, the user-friendly interface promises a smooth setup process. Those eyeing automation won't be disappointed either.

The integrated softphone can mesh effortlessly with the majority of today's business apps.

In today's dynamic business landscape, adaptability is paramount. RingCentral Office recognizes this by ensuring you're never bound by location.

No matter where you find yourself, you can access and enjoy a full-fledged business phone service, aligning perfectly with the modern, mobile-first approach of today's businesses.

Innovative Management Capabilities:

  • Instantaneous Setup: Add phone numbers, integrate new devices, establish new offices, or onboard remote teams swiftly and smoothly.
  • Customer-Centric Features: Enhance your client experience using interactive voice response (IVR) and call queues. Manage various business branches effectively with a virtual phone system tailored to unique operational requirements. Also, experience unparalleled 24/7 customer support via chat or phone.
  • Analytics at Your Fingertips: With customizable dashboards, monitor call quality device statuses and set up alerts. Every department, be it IT, sales, marketing, or HR, can discover valuable insights in real time.
  • Global Operations Simplified: Whether you're managing global offices or dealing with remote teams, RingCentral Office ensures consistency. With settings available in 18 languages, multilingual IVRs, and localized voice prompts, global management has never been easier.

Stay Connected. Always. Everywhere

The days of being bound to a single location are gone. Whether you're in the office, at home, or on the go, RingCentral Office ensures that you're just a tap away from your business communications.

Set up business lines on personal devices securely, retain your existing numbers, or opt for new local, global, or toll-free ones. The app is dynamic, allowing you to flip calls between devices or even transition phone calls to video meetings effortlessly.

Plus, with inclusive HD voice calling, SMS, fax, messaging, HD video meetings, and cloud storage – you have every tool you need in one powerful app.


  • Trustscore: 4.2
  • Reviews: 1131

Pricing Plans:

PackageDescriptionPrice (Monthly)Price (Annually)StandardCore system for business setup.$30/user$20/user/monthAdvancedEnhanced service & automation.$35/user$25/user/month (Most Popular)UltraAll-in-one communication suite.$45/user$35/user/month (Best Value)

Comparison with the Popular Alternative

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2. 8x8 X Series

8x8 presents a unified platform, the X Series, to fuel communication and collaboration across businesses. With a powerful blend of contact center services, voice, video, chat, and APIs, the 8x8 platform has been crafted to serve the multifaceted communication needs of modern enterprises.


  • Contact Center: Elevate the customer experience through AI-powered workflows, ensuring every interaction adds value.
  • Business Phone: Localize your business operations with global connectivity and local numbers, all from a user-friendly app.
  • Video Meetings: Lead your team meetings with crystal-clear HD video quality, supported by screen-sharing capabilities both on desktop and mobile.
  • Team Chat: Foster a collaborative environment with a chat platform that promotes efficient interaction amongst teams.
  • Communication APIs: Reach your customers on their terms, whether it's through SMS, voice, video, or chat apps.

Unified Capabilities: 8x8's X Series is designed to empower every employee, enhancing business agility and ensuring a delightful customer experience. With the understanding that each employee plays a vital role in customer experience, 8x8 has tailored their solutions to equip everyone, from front office staff to contact center agents.

Recognition and Trust: 8x8 has been named a Gartner Magic QuadrantTM leader for UCaaS 11 times. Esteemed organizations, including Kansas City Royals, Fred Loya Insurance, Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, and St. Paul's Cathedral has benefited from its robust offerings.

Integration and Insights: 8x8's open integration framework ensures smooth workflows by easily connecting with popular business and CRM applications. Combined with the power of cross-platform insights and analytics, businesses are equipped to make informed decisions.

Reliability and Support: Avail the best in class communication services without compromising on security. 8x8 promises a 99.999% uptime SLA, a unified governance model, and dedicated technical support 24/7.


  • Trustscore: 4.0
  • Reviews: 259

Pricing Plans:

8x8 offers flexibility with mix-and-match plans. The X2 plan caters to larger teams offering voice, video, chat services, and integrations like Microsoft Teams. The X4 goes a step further, introducing advanced call handling, analytics, and extended global voice calling capabilities.

To foster user competency, the 8x8 University provides both free and paid training on the platform's features, ensuring businesses extract maximum value from their investment.

Harness the power of 8x8's eXperience Communications Platform and redefine the boundaries of enterprise communication and collaboration.

Comparison with Popular Alternative

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3. Nextiva

Modern businesses require not just tools but comprehensive solutions. Nextiva, a game-changing software, is geared towards propelling businesses into the future by simplifying communication, enhancing collaboration, and mastering customer management.

Key Highlights:

  • Unified Platform: No more app-juggling! Experience the convenience of having all your conversations, be it phone, SMS, video, or email,  harmonized in one location. Alongside this, access a suite of customer experience and productivity tools designed to optimize operations.
  • All-Inclusive Communication & Collaboration: Bid farewell to fragmented conversations and hello to seamless integrations. Nextiva packs a powerful punch by offering messaging, automation, surveys, and crucial team collaboration tools under one roof.
  • Optimized Business Operations:
  • Better Collaboration: Combat app fatigue with a singular, intuitive tool. Ensure you always have the data you need at your fingertips, thereby eliminating productivity lapses.
  • Enhanced Communication: Revolutionize your customer interactions. Engage with clients via their preferred channels and maintain a holistic view of their conversations and feedback.
  • Nextiva's Feature Spotlight:
  • Call Pop: Begin each conversation with an edge. Know your customer's details before the first word is spoken.
  • Customer Analytics: Deep dive into actionable insights and foster meaningful relationships.
  • Customer Journey: Track the emotional trajectory of your customers across all touchpoints, ensuring you're always in tune with their needs and sentiments.
  • Customer Automation: Supercharge your engagements with automation. Stay connected with customers throughout their journey with tailored interactions.
  • More Than Just a Phone: Redefine telecommunication. Engage via phone, text, video, email, and instant messaging, all unified in one solution.

Transform Your Business with Nextiva

Nextiva's promise is more than just software; it's about reshaping the way you do business. Whether you're aiming to simplify operations, enhance productivity, or create delightful customer experiences, Nextiva has got you covered. Join the future of work with Nextiva, and let your business soar.


  • Trustscore: 4.0
  • Reviews: 230

Pricing Plan:

Essential Plan

  • Overview: Streamlined for an immediate commencement.
  • Original Price: $25.95/user/mo
  • Discounted Price: $18.95/user/mo
  • Savings: 27%

Professional Plan

  • Overview: Ideally suited for compact teams.
  • Original Price: $30.95/user/mo
  • Discounted Price: $22.95/user/mo
  • Savings: 25%

Enterprise Plan

  • Overview: Tailored for both small and medium-sized teams.
  • Original Price: $40.95/user/mo
  • Discounted Price: $32.95/user/mo
  • Savings: 19%

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4. Vonage Business Cloud

Vonage Business Communications (VBC) is committed to ensuring seamless communication for businesses. With an array of functionalities, VBC provides users with a comprehensive support system to make the most of their services.

Some Key Aspects

1. Vonage Mobile App: A transformative tool for modern businesses, the Vonage Mobile App ensures the continuity of your business identity, irrespective of your location. Users can:

  • Make and receive unlimited calls and SMS/MMS.
  • Apply call handling settings, including voicemail, forwarding options, and ringtones.
  • Engage in team messaging and file sharing.

2. Vonage Desktop App: Designed for a seamless desktop experience, this app offers:

  • Call-making and receiving capabilities.
  • SMS, including MMS functionalities.
  • Voicemail access.
  • Internal file and video sharing through Team Messaging.
  • Meeting initiation or joining capabilities.
  • Configuration settings for calls, voicemails, extensions, and virtual receptionists.

3. Admin Portal: A centralized platform for Super Users and Account Administrators. Here, they can:

  • Manage services, features, users, billing, and ordering.
  • Navigate through a user-friendly interface facilitated by a video tutorial.

4. Desktop App User Guide: A comprehensive guide designed to help users make the most of the Desktop App's functionalities.

5. Preferred Phones: To ensure compatibility with Vonage Business services, phones must be SIP-capable. Users are also advised to maintain updated firmware for optimum performance.

6. Call Forwarding Features: A range of options, including sending to an extension, Follow Me, and Simulring, enable users to direct incoming calls as per their preferences.

7. Voicemail: A customizable feature where users can:

  • Turn voicemail on or off.
  • Record personal greetings.
  • Email audio files of voicemails.
  • Set up PINs for voicemail access.

8. Create Users and Assign Extensions: Depending on user roles, there's flexibility in adding new users, managing extensions, or even updating user details.

9. Set Password and Username: Newly added users to the Vonage system are assigned a username. They are then required to set their password, a security question, and a Voicemail PIN.

10. Virtual Receptionist: An advanced automated answering system designed for efficient call management. It offers:

  • Multiple setups based on business needs.
  • Directing inbound calls based on predefined schedules.
  • Exclusivity for Super Users or Account Administrators for addition or modification through the Admin Portal.

Vonage: The Trusted Choice for Global Business Communication

  1. 100,000+ Businesses Worldwide Trust Vonage

Across the globe, over 100,000 businesses have made Vonage their go-to communication partner, attesting to its Reliability and excellence.

  1. Developer Engagement: Over 1.15 Million

With more than 1.15 million registered developers, Vonage has fostered a vibrant and innovative developer community, driving forward the future of communication.

  1. Unmatched Uptime: 99.999% Reliability

Our commitment to seamless communication is evident in our unparalleled 99.999% uptime reliability, ensuring businesses stay connected without interruptions.

  1. An Impressive 25 Billion Transactions Annually

Vonage proudly manages over 25 billion minutes and messages terminated yearly, showcasing our capacity to handle substantial communication volumes.

  1. Optimized for Modern Devices

Vonage's services are perfectly tailored for tablet and phone devices, ensuring users experience top-tier communication on the go.

  1. Collaboration at its Best

A symbol represented by a group of three people emphasizes Vonage's focus on teamwork and collaborative communication solutions.


  • Trustscore: 4.1
  • Reviews: 297

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5. Google Voice

Google Voice is a robust business phone system tailored to suit organizations of any size. With it, you're always connected, whether you're in the office, at home, or on the move. With compatibility across mobile devices, laptops, and certain desk phones, you're always within reach.

Key Features

Streamlined and Efficient

Google Voice simplifies communication by fitting naturally into your daily operations. It consolidates tasks such as number assignment, porting, and billing into the familiar Google Workspace Admin console, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Smart Communication with Google AI

With the integration of Google AI, Voice offers enhanced features like automatic spam call blocking and voicemail transcriptions. This intelligent system also smoothly integrates with Google Meet and Calendar, allowing you to concentrate on your core tasks without distractions.

Scalable to Your Needs

Whether you're a startup or a multinational, Voice scales to match your requirements. It facilitates quick global deployment and simplifies the configuration of features such as multi-level auto attendants and ring groups.

Extend Your Communication Capabilities

SIP Link enables users to connect their PSTN services from any carrier to Google Voice, leveraging certified Session Border Controllers (SBCs). Moreover, devices from trusted brands like Polycom and certified headsets ensure you have hardware compatibility for uninterrupted communication.

Integration with Google Workspace

Google Voice isn't just a standalone product; it's an integral part of the Google Workspace family. This ensures that users can glean valuable context from integrations like Google Meet and efficiently manage their schedules with Google Calendar.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • User-Friendly: With its familiar design, Google Voice integrates effortlessly into the Google Workspace workflow, ensuring an intuitive experience for all users.
  • Efficiency for IT Teams: IT departments can easily manage and oversee Voice, given its seamless incorporation into the Google Workspace ecosystem.
  • Strategic for Businesses: Google Voice offers three licensing editions, allowing businesses to optimize costs and streamline their operations further.


  • Trustscore: 4.5
  • Reviews: 608

Pricing Plans:

Business Starter

  • Price: $6 USD per user/month
  • Commitment: 1 year

Business Standard

  • Price: $12 USD per user/month
  • Commitment: 1 year

Business Plus

  • Price: $18 USD per user/month
  • Commitment: 1 year


Our sales team can provide you with Enterprise pricing.

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6. Mitel MiCloud Connect

Mitel MiCloud Connect is a cloud-based communication and collaboration platform designed for businesses. By offering a range of unified communication tools and services, MiCloud Connect facilitates seamless connectivity and collaboration among teams, regardless of their location.

MiVoice Business on the SMB Controller is designed for the modern small business. This compact system boasts enterprise-grade features, offering both deployment and financial flexibility.

Decades of Industry Leadership

With half a century in the business, Mitel has consistently championed innovations in unified communications. Our primary goal? To help businesses enhance collaboration, streamline communication, and elevate customer experiences.

  • Presence in Over 100 Countries: Mitel's expansive reach is a testament to our global appeal.
  • 35 Million Global Users: Across the globe, businesses rely on Mitel's unmatched communication solutions.
  • A Leading UC Provider: Mitel ranks among the top three unified communications providers in over ten significant markets.
  • 50 Years of Innovation: Mitel has consistently been at the forefront of technological advances in the sector.

Industry Expertise

Mitel's rich history in unified communications is paired with the expertise to understand and cater to your organization's unique requirements. Our mission is to convert your needs into tangible, positive outcomes.

Diverse Options Tailored to You

Every business has distinct needs and goals. That's why Mitel offers a comprehensive range of deployment and commercial choices, ensuring solutions that perfectly align with your plans and use cases.

Globally Trusted Brand

Mitel's reliability and excellence are endorsed by many globally recognized brands and organizations, including Trustone Financial, Blanchard Valley, NHL Ottawa Senators, Starwood Hotels, and Make-a-Wish.

Why Choose Mitel?

At the heart of our success is our extensive global network of partners. Each one adds immense value through their deep knowledge of Mitel products, deployment strategies, and service practices. With them, we guarantee that every customer receives a tailored experience, ensuring maximum value from their Mitel technology investment.


  • Trustscore: 4.2
  • Reviews: 259

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7. Ooma Office

Ooma Office offers a comprehensive suite of business communication services tailored to various organizational needs. Whether it's phone, video, or messaging solutions, Ooma ensures that businesses, regardless of their size, have access to top-tier communication tools.

The platform promises customization, ensuring that every business finds the right fit for its unique requirements.

Residential Solutions for Modern Homes

Beyond serving businesses, Ooma extends its expertise to residential clients. The home phone service ensures a reliable connection, complemented by smart security solutions.

This ensures that homeowners stay connected, safeguarding their homes even when they're miles away.

Special Offers to Boost Your Communication:

For those looking to elevate their business communication infrastructure, Ooma is currently promoting a limited-time offer on three distinct IP phones.

This is a golden opportunity for businesses to adopt state-of-the-art phone technology, ensuring clarity in every conversation. Furthermore, for residential clients, there's a special promotion on the princess phone bundle, reflecting a blend of style and functionality.

Diverse Communication Platforms:

  • Business Phone Systems: Business Phone Systems Ooma's foundational offering is designed to facilitate seamless communication within businesses.
  • Enterprise Communications: Catering to larger organizations, this service offers robust and scalable communication solutions that support expansive operations.
  • POTS Replacement: Modernize your communication by replacing the traditional Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) with Ooma's advanced solutions.


  • Trustscore: 4.5
  • Reviews: 168

Pricing Plan:

Essentials Package

  • A comprehensive phone system brimming with features.
  • Pricing: $19.95 per user, monthly.

Pro Package

  • Tailored for enhanced team collaboration.
  • Pricing: $24.95 per user, monthly.

Pro Plus Package

  • A suite of robust tools designed for dynamic engagement.
  • Pricing: $29.95 per user, monthly.

Ooma 2602 IP Phone

Experience seamless communication with our Ooma 2602 IP phone. For a limited time, when you purchase one Ooma 2602 IP phone, you'll receive a second one at no additional cost.

Special Offer Details:

  • Original Price: $119.98
  • Discounted Price: $59.99
  • Total Savings: $60

Compare with a Popular Alternative

8. Grasshopper

Grasshopper seamlessly integrates a business number and virtual phone system with your personal device. This lets you keep your personal and business calls distinct while offering up to $75 savings on yearly plans.

Empower the Small Business Owner As an entrepreneur, your focus should be on your core business, not administrative tasks. Grasshopper ensures you can concentrate on your specialty by simplifying phone system management.

Benefits of Choosing Grasshopper

  • Cost-Effective: With special offers starting at just $16/month, it ensures affordability.
  • Professional Appeal: Enhance your business image with a dedicated number and tailored greetings.
  • Always Accessible: Accept and place calls or texts from anywhere through desktop and mobile apps.
  • Swift Setup: In just four steps, you can have your business number operational.

Business Number Options Tailored to Your Needs

  • Toll-Free Numbers: Perfect for a national presence, these numbers (ranging from 833 to 800 numbers) augment your business's professional touch.
  • Vanity Numbers: Create a memorable impression.
  • Local Numbers: Establish a regional presence.
  • Porting: Already have a number? Easily transfer your current virtual number to Grasshopper.

Unbeatable Features at Affordable Prices

  1. A Comprehensive Virtual Phone System: Get access to features like custom greetings, extensions, efficient call handling, and more without breaking the bank.
  2. No New Hardware: Use Grasshopper with your existing device. There's zero need for added equipment.
  3. Round-the-Clock Support: Avail 24/7 assistance through various channels such as phone, email, Twitter, Facebook, and chat.

Embark on Your Grasshopper Journey

  • Pick Your Number: From toll-free to local numbers or port your existing one.
  • Opt for a Suitable Plan: Start with a free trial or directly choose a monthly or annual subscription.
  • Install the App: Grasshopper's app is available for desktop, iOS, and Android.
  • Engage: Link to your current mobile number, and you're ready to communicate.


  • Trustscore: 4.4
  • Reviews: 337

Pricing Plans

  • Solo plan: $28
  • Partner: $46
  • Small Business: $80

9. Phone.com

Experience seamless communication with voice, text, video, fax, conferencing, and collaboration tools of Phone.com that empower businesses and individuals.

Customer Testimonial:

"Great! Great! Great! Phone.com is easy to use, versatile, and capable. The ability to seamlessly move between computer and phone, combined with its affordable pricing, makes it the best value on the market."

  • Nick G., Verified Customer

Key Features:

  1. Work from Anywhere:

Stay connected, no matter where you are. With tools like 'Follow Me,' Voicemail to Email, Text Messaging, Unlimited Free Conference Calling, and dedicated mobile apps, you're equipped to work on-the-go.

  1. Provide Top-Tier Service:

Impress every caller with greetings, automated attendants, and hold music, ensuring a professional and memorable experience, even for smaller operations.

  1. Boost Efficiency:

With a myriad of tools at your disposal, streamline your operations. Utilize Do Not Disturb, Call Logs, Audio Conferencing, and Click-to-Call to manage and optimize your work.

Standard Features in All Plans

  • Video Meetings
  • Voicemail
  • Dedicated Apps
  • Business Phone Number
  • Interactive Menus
  • Call Queues
  • Fax from Phone
  • Dial-by-name Directory
  • Free Conference Calling
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Voice Tagging
  • Voicemail to Email

Discover Phone.com: Your Ideal Communication Solution

Affordability Meets Versatility:

Experience top-tier services without the hefty price tag. With Phone.com, users can access premium features for as low as $12.74 per month. And the best part? You’re not tied down with any contract or long-term commitment. Find the right plan for you by comparing and contrasting.

Local & Global Connectivity:

Stay connected effortlessly, be it within the U.S. or internationally. With Phone.com, you can:

  • Pay U.S. local rates for landline calls in numerous countries including Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Puerto Rico, the UK, the USA, and more.
  • Take advantage of the iNum global numbers, ensuring you're always reachable, wherever you are in the world.

Flexible Number Options:

Personalize your communication to fit your needs. Whether you're looking to customize your number or prefer to retain your current one, Phone.com offers the flexibility and convenience you desire.


  • Trustscore: 4.7
  • Reviews: 1238 First Party Review

Pricing Plans

1. Premium Plan

  • Pricing: $27.19 per user/month, billed annually.
  • Features:
  • All benefits of the Plus Plan.
  • Call Recording.
  • Call Analytics.
  • CRM Integration.
  • Enhanced Video Conferencing:
  • Up to 100 participants.
  • HiFi transcription.
  • Whiteboard.
  • Live streaming capability (YouTube).

2. Plus Plan

  • Pricing: $18.69 per user/month, billed annually.
  • Features:
  • All advantages of the Basic Plan.
  • Unlimited Minutes*.
  • 1 Phone number per user.
  • Conversational text messaging*.
  • Advanced Video Conferencing:
  • Up to 25 participants.
  • HIPAA Compliant.
  • Video Recording.
  • IP Desk Phone Compatibility.
  • Voicemail Transcription.

3. Basic Plan

  • Pricing: $12.74 per user/month, billed annually.
  • Features:
  • 500 Pooled Minutes*.
  • 1 Phone number per account.
  • Video Conferencing:
  • Up to 10 participants.
  • Mobile and Web apps.
  • 50 Standard Voice Features.

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Wrapping Up

In an era where remote work has become the new norm, having a reliable phone system is paramount.

From the flexibility of Grasshopper and the sophistication of Ooma Office to the all-encompassing solutions of Phone.com, the market is replete with diverse options tailored to meet the demands of different businesses.

Whether you prioritize affordability, global connectivity, or seamless integration, there's a solution in this list of the top 9 phone systems to ensure that your remote team remains connected, efficient, and professional.

As you move forward, let the perfect blend of functionality and convenience drive your choice, ensuring your team thrives, irrespective of their physical location.

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