How to Install WordPress on Windows 10 (4 Easy Steps)

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Zee Ahmed
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Do you want to learn how to install WordPress on Windows 10? You might want to install it as it helps you to:

  • Creating a WordPress website on your computer without any hosting.
  • Bring your site to the staging area to test different features without breaking the production environment.
  • Scanning your download theme and plugins for malware.
  • Learning WordPress since you cannot afford a hosting provider.
  • Penetration testing of your website.

Whatever the reason, you’ll enjoy reading the guide. Each step has screenshots and is visually explained — screenshots and GIFs.

Let’s first discuss what WordPress is.

What Is WordPress? Explained for Beginners

Note: In this article, we’ll discuss, not Both are different platforms truly tailored towards different audiences and purposes.

WordPress is the simplest way to build your website.

It’s a CMS that allows you to create and manage a website or blog. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms in use today, powering millions of websites and blogs around the world. Therefore more than 39% of the websites are powered by WordPress.

Another fact that makes WordPress is a success is its open-source nature — licensed under GPLv2. This license allows anyone to use and modify WordPress for free.

Some people presume free things are cheap and not well maintained and developed, but it’s not the case with WordPress. Big brands of the internet use WordPress to manage their websites.

For example, Microsoft, a company with a 1.8 trillion dollar market cap, utilizes the power of WordPress for its news section.

Microsoft News

Sony, another big company with a 135 billion dollar market cap, employs WordPress on its Playstation blog and Sony Music.

Playstation Blog

You’ll be shocked to know Disney also uses WordPress. 😊

Disney Blog On WordPress

Did you know? WordPress can create powerful eCommerce sites. Yep, you can run a fully functional eCommerce website without purchasing any expensive software. Of course, you can install it on your Windows 10 as well.

Some beginners get confused about and In a nutshell, is truly open source and FREE for everyone to use, distribute and make changes.

Moreover, it’s self-hosted meaning you can host it on any hosting company or even install it on your Windows 10 PC as localhost.

On the other hand, is a freemium product, meaning the basic plan is free, but to get more features you need to pay for a subscription as you pay for Netflix.


It’s highly recommended to go for since you will have 100% freedom and control. You can store it on your computer even if the hosting company goes bankrupt.

Why Not Install XAMPP?

On the internet, you’ll find everyone teaches you to install XAMPP on your local machine.

XAMPP Is Not Good For WOrdPress

It works, but it’s extremely slow. You’ll waste countless hours that otherwise could be put into productive time.

Dead Slow

Instead of using XAMPP, I’ll recommend using Local WP — easier to set up and faster than XAMPP.

It’s a lightweight software, and it comes with an easy-to-use control panel that makes managing your local WordPress site a breeze.


Step by Step Guide to Installing WordPress on Windows 10

Installing WordPress on Windows 10 requires a lot of hard work, but I have simplified the process for you.

Step 1 – Download LocalWP

The first step is to download LocalWP from the official website.

Download Free LocalWP

The best part is the availability of LocalWP for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In other words, you can use it on any operating system.

LocalWP For Mac Windows And Linux

Note: It’s very important that you use a professional email for downloading LocalWP because if you use a regular email address, it won’t start downloading. Other than the email, you don’t need to fill out other fields.

The total file size is 452 at the time of writing this post; it might take some time to download it depending on your internet connection speed.

Step 2 – Install LocalWP

The second step is to install LocalWP after you have downloaded it.

Installing LocalWP

Step 3 – Run LocalWP

Once installed, it’s time to run it.

Finish LocalWP

Step 4 – Create a WordPress Website

When you run the program, you’ll see a small button that says Create a New Site, click on it to proceed.

Create A New Site

Secondly, you need to put the name of your website. It’s helpful to distinguish your WordPress websites when you have installed dozens of websites.

Sites Name On LocalWP

Now comes the most important part of the tutorial — selecting the webserver and applications. I’ll recommend going for the Preferred configurations otherwise you can use PHP up to 8 versions, Apache or Nginx web server, and MYSQL up to 8 versions.


Now decide the username and password you want to use for your WordPress website.

Username And Password 1

It will take a few minutes to complete the process, from establishing a database to installing the latest WordPress version.

Hurrah! WordPress has been installed.


As soon as you click Admin, you’ll be redirected to type your username and password.

Write Oss And Password

Yeah! WordPress has been installed successfully.

WordPress Has Been Installed

Step 5: Installing WordPress on Windows 10 using InstantWP

Download and Install InstantWP on your Windows 10 computer from the official website.

Instant WP

Run InstantWP, which will automatically start a local web server on your computer.


Open your web browser and navigate to “http://localhost/iwp/“. This will open the InstantWP control panel.

Click on the “Create a new WordPress” button in the control panel and enter your desired website details such as site title and admin username and password.

Click on the “Create” button and WordPress will be installed on your local server. You can now access your new website by navigating to “http://localhost/iwp/wordpress” in your web browser and log in to the admin dashboard with the details you provided in step 4.

Please Note: you will need an internet connection to download and install InstantWP, but once it’s installed you can use it to create and run a WordPress site offline.

Installing WordPress on RAM to Make It 10 Times Faster

Have you ever imagined installing WordPress on your RAM to make it incredibly fast? Of course, we’ll use Windows 10.

I’ll recommend installing AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk since it’s free up to 4GB of RAM — enough for a WordPress installation.


Once you have installed it, open it.


Make a disk size of 1000MB and start RAMDisk. Then you can install LocalWP on this RAMDisk associated with Drive Z generally.

What Makes LocalWP Better than XAMPP?

  • It installs WordPress on localhost, but on a domain name.


  • It supports two web servers Nginx and apache, making an ideal application for developers who love Nginx.

Web Server

  • It supports WordPress multi-sites advanced configuration.

Multi Site

  • You can test your website on the latest technology to find out whether it breaks or makes your website faster.

Latest Technology

  • The best part? It has a dark mode feature.

Dark Mode

  • It’s effortless. You don’t need to worry about downloading the zip file of WordPress or playing with different settings of MySQL databases or phpMyAdmin anymore. You just put some information, and your WordPress becomes a live site instantly.

Wrapping Up

It’s 2021, and we should use technologies that have updated, fast and responsive. People should move to LocalWP, not because we’re affiliated with them anyway, but it has saved us countless hours in the long term.

Moreover, you have learned how to make it even faster by installing WordPress on your RAM, which is 30 times faster than your SSD. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Don’t forget to impress your friends 🙂

Did you like the tutorial? Have a question you always wanted to ask related to WordPress? We reply to each comment.