40 WordPress Statistics & Facts 2024 (Visual Infographics)

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Are you looking for the latest WordPress statistics and facts for 2021?The stats and facts helpful if you want to:

  • Impress your colleagues and clients on why to use WordPress.
  • Cite in your articles to gain visitors and Google’s trust.
  • Choose a powerful and popular CMS.
  • Earn more money to learn the CMS.

Before we dive into the data, let’s discuss what WordPress is.

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress

WordPress is a content management system in the most straightforward language, meaning a software engine to efficiently manage your content.  In order words, WordPress is a simple platform to create your website with zero knowledge of coding.WordPress is free and open source software released under the GPL. It is used by millions of people around the world, including many large organizations, such as The Guardian, Forbes, and The New York Times. There are many reasons why you should use WordPress for your website or blog. Here are some of the most important ones:1. WordPress is easy to use – even for beginners.2. WordPress is very versatile and can be used for a wide variety of websites and blogs.3. WordPress is extremely customizable and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.Without WordPress, you need to learn the following languages before you can build a website:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS
  • PHP
  • MySQL

And many more along the way.Not to mention, WordPress has made people’s lives more comfortable since they don’t need to hire expensive developers to build their websites.Enough talk.

40 WordPress Statistics and Facts:

Let’s discuss fascinating WordPress statistics and facts.

1. Fortune 500 Companies Use WordPress

Did you know? Fortune 500 companies use WordPress to manage their content effectively. These companies rely on WordPress because it is a reliable, flexible, and scalable platform that can help them achieve their online goals.Curious to know their names?

  • Microsoft News Center
Microsoft Blog runs on WordPress
  • Playstation Blog
Playstation blog runs on WordPress
  • Sony Music
Sony Music runs on WordPress
  • Disney Blog
Disney blog runs on WOrdPress
  • Pulse Blog
Pulse blog runs on WordPress

Source: WordPress.org

2. WordPress Powers 39% of the Internet

There's no denying that WordPress is one of the most popular site-building and content management systems on the web. 39% of internet websites run on WordPress. It means every ten websites you visit on the internet; four websites run on WordPress.

WordPress Powers 39 of the websites

It’s a significant number — enough to showcase the importance of WordPress and its popularity.Source: WordPress.org

3. WordPress 8000+ Free Themes

When it comes to free WordPress themes, there's no beating it. There are literally thousands of free themes available for WordPress, making it one of the most versatile content management systems (CMS) in existence.WordPress is among the CMS providing 8000+ free themes to the world than other CMSs that have only a few.

Total Wordpress free themes

Source: WordPress Themes

4. WordPress 58,079 Free Plugins

Just like your smartphone has apps to enjoy different functionalities, WordPress has plugins. So far, WordPress has more than 58,000 free plugins, and more are added each day.The reason for it is that there are several top-rated websites using WordPress as their CMS, and it's being used by the majority of the sites on the Internet.

WordPress plugins

Source: WordPress Plugins

5. WordPress Is Open Source

Unlike Wix and Squarespace, WordPress is open-source, meaning its code is made freely available and redistributed and modified without any legal action.

WordPress open source files

Source: WordPress About

6. 70 Million Posts Published Each Month

2.3 million posts daily, 70 million each month, and 840 million new posts each year are published.

Total wordpress posts published each month

Source: WordPress Activity

7. WordPress 64% Market Share

WordPress is the king when it comes to the market share of CMS. It eats up 64% of the market share in the CMS market. That is impressive.

WordPress Market Share 2021

Source: W3Techs

8. 5 Billion Spam Messages Each Month

Many top ranking websites on Google are providing wrong stats about the spam messages on WordPress.

Wrong Fact

According to Akismet stats, it’s 509 billion spam messages to date, not every month.

Total Spam Messages on WordPress

If we calculate it for each month, it should be 5 billion and four hundred million spam messages every month.How did I find it out?Simple, multiply per hour number 7,500,000 within 24 hours and multiply it by 30 days. 7,500,000 x 24 x 30 = 5,400,000,000.

9. WordPress 5.6 Version Gets Installed 9 Million Times in 16 Days

WordPress 5.6 was released on December 8, 2020, and has been installed by 9 million websites globally in just 16 days.

WordPress 5.6 Total Installed

Source: WordPress Counter

10. Total 60 Million People Use WordPress

More than 60 million people use WordPress for their everyday use.

Total people use WOrdPress

Source: WordPress

11. Total 1.7 Billion Search Results Related to WordPress

When you type the word WordPress, Google retrieves more than 1.7 billion search results for you.

Total results

Source: Google

12. Plugins Are the Number One Cause of WordPress Hacking

Being the most famous CMS, hackers have a strong appetite for hacking it. Among all the reasons, WordPress’s plugins contribute to the majority of vulnerabilities leading to being hacked.

How WordPress websites are hacked

Source: Wordfence

13. WordPress Is More Popular in the UK than the USA

According to Google Trends, WordPress is more prevalent in the UK than in the USA.

WordPress is more popular in the UK than USA

Source: Google Trends

14. WordPress Is Available in 205 Languages

Did you know that WordPress is available in 205 languages, from English to Chinese?

WordPress in 205 languages

Source: WordPress Translation

15. WordPress Alone Has 3.3 Million Monthly Searches

According to Google Planner, WordPress alone has 3.3 million monthly searches globally.Note: You might not be able to find the exact monthly search volume until you meet a monthly threshold in Google Ads.

WordPress monthly searches

Source: Google Planner

16. WordPress Gets 525 Million Traffic

According to Similarweb, WordPress.com and WordPress.org get 550 million traffic — combined.It’s the traffic stats of WordPress.com from Similarweb.

Total Traffic

And on the other hand, WordPress.org gets 25 million traffic a month.

WordPress total traffic

Source: SimilarWeb

17. WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org Confusion

Many newbies get confused between WordPress.com and WordPress.org due to the same word being used in the domain.By the way, we have explained in detail in our article on what WordPress is.In a nutshell, WordPress.com is a paid service where you need to pay a monthly subscription fee to use WordPress. It’s like closed-source since you’re not free to edit.

WordPress Com Pricing

On the other hand, WordPress.org is free even if you can install it on your local computer.

Wordpress.org is free

18. WordPress Loads Extremely Slow in China

China is among the countries that have blocked the most international websites like Youtube, Google, and Facebook.In China, WordPress.com and WordPress.org load extremely slow.According to the Chinafy website speed test, it loads in 15 seconds, even on 4G. Besides, China’s giant farewell blocks many resources.

WordPress is slow

On the other hand, Baidu — China’s most popular search engine — loads in 1.5 seconds.

Baidu Loads Faster in China

Source: Chinafy

19. WordPress Backlinks

Did you know that WordPress.org has 5 billion backlinks, coming from 7.63 million websites?

Wordpress.org total backlinks

On the other hand, WordPress.com has 127 million backlinks, coming from 365K websites.

Wordpress.com total backlinks

Source: Ahrefs

20. WordPress Developer’s Average Salary

Did you know? The average salary of WordPress developers is $47,331 in the USA.

USA WordPress Developer Salary Per Year Average

On the contrary, the average salary of WordPress developers is £29,133 in the UK.

UK WordPress Developer Salary Per Year Average

Source: Indeed

21. WordPress Takes Care of 90% of Search Engine Optimization

Matt Cutt, who served as head of the webspam team at Google, showed in his presentation that WordPress takes care of 90% of Google's crawling issues.

Matt Cutt WordPress Remark

Source: Matt Cutts

22. WordPress Has Only 1300 Employees, 900 Times Fewer Employees Than Google

WordPress is being run by Automattic and has only 1314 employees, where Google has 118,000+ employees.

WordPresss total Employers

Source: Automattic About

23. Avada Has Generated 39 Million Dollars Revenue

Avada is the most selling WordPress theme ever in the history of WordPress, generating a revenue of 39 million dollars by selling 650K times.

Avada Most Selling WOrdPress Theme

Source: Avada

24. WordPress Total 483 Releases

Did you know that WordPress has released 483 releases so far from May 27, 2003, to December 8, 2020?

WordPress versions

Source: WordPress Versions

25. WordPress Took 382 Years of Effort & 21 Million Dollars

If a single person wants to develop WordPress from scratch, it will take 382 years of effort and an estimated cost of 21 million dollars with an average annual salary of $55,000

Number of lines and effort for WordPress and estimated money

Source: OpenHub

26. WordPress Office Closed Since No Employees Showed Up

Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, is shutting its stunning San Francisco office since its workers never showed up.

WordPress Office Closed

Source: QR.com

27. WordPress Never Sleeps and 77 Million Comments Each Month

Like an electron, WordPress is always in a constant state of motion. WordPress gets 77 million new comments each month.

WordPress Live

Source: WordPress

28. Celebrities Use WordPress

Celebrities use WordPress, and some are the followings:

  • Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt
  • Sylvester Stallone
Sylyester Stallone WordPress
  • Ketty Perry
Katty Perry on WordPress
  • Justin Timberlake
Justin on WordPress
  • 007 James Bond
007 on WordPress

Source: One Smart SheepThe list goes and on.You might be thinking, how did I find it out? The answer is straightforward. Just go to the source code.

View Page Source

And find wp-content with Ctrl+F. Wp-content is the main folder of WordPress, enough to prove the site is on WordPress.

Page source to view the site is on WordPress

Is the method complicated?Just put the site on Sucuri Scanner; it shows the WordPress version of any website instantly.

WordPress Detector

29. 8% of the WordPress Websites Get Hacked for Weak Passwords

8% of the WordPress websites are hacked for weak passwords. The most common passwords are "admin," "123456," "666666," "111111," "12345678," and "qwerty."Hackers have automated the process to find the website with the username admin and most common password lists to hack a website.

RTX 3090 good at hacking

Thanks to technology advancements, especially GPUs like RTX 3090 — being cheaper and powerful — have done an easy job for hackers.Source: WP White Security

30. $59 Is the Average Cost of a WordPress Theme

The average cost of a WordPress theme all across the online world is $59.

Average Cost of WordPress THeme

Source: ThemeForest

31. Slider Revolution Most Sold WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution has sold 413,558 times in its lifetime, making it the most selling plugin of all time.

Most sold WordPress plugin

Source: Codecanyon

32. WordPress’s WooCommerce Plugin Powers 29% of the Online Shops

WooCommerce plugin powers 29% of all online stores. A few years back, the number touched 49%, thanks to Shopify, the number has reduced to 29% in 2021.

WooCommerce WordPress Powers 29 of the website

Source: BuiltWith

33. 46% of WordPress Websites Get Some Organic Traffic from Search Engine, compared with only 1.4% of Wix sites.

According to Ahrefs study, 46.1% of WordPress websites received at least some monthly search traffic, as opposed to only 1.4% of Wix sites.It shows WordPress is more SEO friendly and more likely to get search traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

wordpress vs wix traffic

Source: Ahrefs

34. WooCommerce Downloaded 5 Million Times

WooCommerce is the most installed free plugin for converting a regular WordPress blog into an online store.

WooCommerce Active Installs

Besides, five million websites have installed it with a 4.5-star rating, a significant achievement.

35. WordPress.Org Earns Money from Affiliate and Donation

Even though WordPress.org is free, it still earns in two ways: affiliates and donations. Affiliate links are present in the hosting section.

WordPress.Org Earning

How much might WordPress.org earn? Take an example of SiteGround that pays a hefty amount of money, $100 per sale.

Siteground Hosting

The hosting page gets around 18,000 visitors a month. If we take a 3% conversion rate, it becomes 540 sales, approximately $54,000 a month.It’s worth mentioning that Ahrefs shows traffic low as compared to original traffic due to limited data; otherwise, the number might touch $100,000

WordPress Hosting

The other source of earning for WordPress.org is the donation.

WordPress Donation

36. WordPress Is Still the Most Requested Job Skill in the World in 2021

If you want to earn a handsome amount of money, WordPress should be your top priority since it’s among the highest in-demand skills, according to Upwork.

2021 In Demand Skills

Source: Upwork

37. Wordpress.com Received 1,131 Requests from Authorities for Requesting User’s Information

WordPress doesn’t grant voluntary information to the government and other law enforcement agencies, provided they go through the legal process.WordPress has received 1131 requests between July 1, 2013, – June 30, 2020.

WordPress Information Requests

Source: Automattic

34. Wordpress.com Received 85,299 DMCA Notices

WordPress received 85,299 DMCA takedown notices and trademark infringement complaints from January 1, 2014 – June 30, 2020.

WordPress DMCA Notices

Source: AutomatticNote: The DMCA notices and law information agencies’ notices belong to WordPress.com. Automattic has no authority over the content being produced using WordPress.org.

38. A World-Class WordPress Theme Costs Between $1,000 to $10,000, But One Smart Sheep Builds for $49/month

In the USA, a custom world-class WordPress theme costs between $1000 to $10,000.

A custom wordpress theme cost

But One Smart Sheep builds it for $49/month. We don’t build cookie-cutter template-driven websites. See our breath-taking portfolio.Source: One Smart Sheep

39. Automattic Has a Market Valuation of 3 Billion Dollars

The company behind WordPress.com has a market valuation of 3 billion dollars, received 615 million dollars funding so far, and an annual revenue of 45 million dollars.

Automattic Market Value

Source: Craft

40. WordPress Dominates the Internet

WordPress is used by over 60 million websites and powers over 39% of the internet. This makes it the world's most popular content management system (CMS). It is an open-source platform, meaning anyone can use, modify, and distribute the software for free. It is also highly customizable, with over 8,000 free themes and 58,079 free plugins available to users.

Additionally, it is regularly updated, with over 483 releases to date. This large user base and open-source nature have made it a favorite among web developers and companies. It is often used to create professional-looking websites for various industries, including e-commerce, news, and blogs. WordPress is a great way to create an online presence for yourself or your business, as it is simple and easy to use, even for people with no coding experience.Furthermore, WordPress can build powerful applications capable of performing complex tasks. This makes it the perfect tool for businesses looking to transform their operations digitally. WordPress is an incredibly versatile and powerful tool that can create almost any type of website.With its ease of use, customizability, scalability, and wide range of features, it’s no wonder why WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world.

Infographics of WordPress Statistics & Facts for 2023



The WordPress stats mentioned above are enough to convince your clients to cite a robust reference for your blog post about WordPress and to learn more because you’re a curious beast.Let us know in the comment section what did you like the most? Maybe the celebrities are running WordPress websites.I’ll reply to each comment, I promise. ?

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