10 Huge Reasons Not to Use Wix for Business Websites

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Wix is one of the most widely used platforms for designing websites. You will see their ads everywhere online. Influencers sponsor it as this great tool that takes care of all the details when creating a site. However, that’s not the whole story.

Wix is an excellent website builder for beginners. There are huge reason not to use Wix for business webistes. One of these reaons is that it’s definitely not a complete package when it comes to website design for businesses.Website design entails taking care of specifics like optimizing landing pages, niche targeting, etc.These things aren’t given the attention they need in Wix.

  1. Using Wix Makes Your Brand Look Cheap

Wix is directed at people who need free or extremely low-cost websites. Consequently, the company limits users to a collection of premade website templates.The generic design and URL (business-name.wix.com) makes you look unprofessional, and customers will immediately start to question if you’re a legitimate business.

Wix Free Site

If you want to connect your domain, you need to pay $4 a month. Until you don’t pay them $8 a month, Wix branding will not disappear.

Connect your domain

But it comes with some limitations. 1GB bandwidth and 500MB space. Really?If your website gets 500 daily visitors and each visitor opens two pages, you’ll need at least 30GB of bandwidth.

Web Hosting Bandwith Calculator

Sooner or later, you’ll be forced to use the Unlimited Package to cater to your traffic needs.The worst part? Wix websites are created from pre-made templates, and your clients can sense the design from far away.

Wix Templetes

Additionally, Wix templates don’t provide a personalized experience to the customers considering they’re made to cater to a vast audience’s needs.Let's take the example of Starbuck.

Startbuck Example

Starbucks has performed tremendously well in making an idea where everybody may have an excellent encounter drinking coffee in an inviting ambiance. Otherwise, drinking coffee was never special.That's why your website should solve your visiter's problem that is not generally possible from pre-made templates. At One Smart Sheep, we offer Wix to WordPress migration services that seamlessly transfer your Wix website to WordPress. Click here to learn more about our migration services.

  1. Wix Has Serious SEO Limitations

Ahrefs conducted an interesting study to compare Wix SEO with WordPress. Ahrefs studied 3.2 million Wix websites and 3.2 million WordPress websites.According to the study, 46.1 percent of WordPress sites got at least a monthly organic traffic, compared with only 1.4 percent of Wix websites. That’s a huge difference.

wordpress vs wix traffic

Of course, organic traffic doesn’t prove Wix is better than WordPress. But, Wix lost the match when WordPress found to have more referring domains than Wix.

domains averages

Wix has huge SEO limitations:

  • Post URL Limitation. You cannot change the permalink structure at all. Wix places /post/ for the blog post that is annoying
Wix Permalink SEO Limitation
  • Robots.txt and .htaccess Limitation. You cannot modify Robots.txt and .htaccess that are crucial files for larger websites. You can instruct Google Bot which pages to index and which not to index to ensure only quality pages are indexed on Google. The .htaccess file helps in redirection and fixes canonical URLs quickly. Helpful for advanced SEO specialists.
  • Javascript Rendering. Wix renders web pages through JavaScript that is not readable by search engines without rendering. Furthermore, this element only works for websites if the user has JavaScript enabled for their browser. This is a fundamental problem with the design language employed by Wix. It’s specifically hard for a business website to target its clientele if the tool they’re using doesn’t allow that. Due to Javascript, the Wix sites load sluggishly.
Speed test Wix
  • Multi-Language Limitations. Are you thinking of running your blog for multiple languages? For example, SEMrush writes blog posts in Deutsch, English, Deutsch, and Français to rank better in the respective country. You cannot do this on Wix at all. It’s possible with the hreflang tag that Wix doesn’t support at the time of writing this post.
Cannot add hreflag
  1. Wix Oversimplifies the Difficulties of Designing a Website

Now, Wix’s primary issue is that it sets the expectation that anybody can design and produce a site.That is not true.It seems Wix templates may satisfy all goals and goals, and they do not.

Wix example

Each and every single day, an increasing number of people and businesses are hiring UX specialists to make their site more valuable and consumer-friendly.UX specialists utilize a User-centered design (UCD) process to generate design choices that will solve issues and enhance user experience. A procedure I guarantee Wix doesn’t provide.


If Wix could satisfy the above expectations, millions of dollars wouldn't be spent employing UX specialists and organizations to build out sites.Companies of all sizes will only select a Wix program. Firms are more affordable than that.They understand they want something which will speak for their end customers; they know the value of excellent user experience, and so should you.The templates Wix provides aren't professionally equipped, together with your end goals in mind; they're designed fast, lacking imagination, and made in massive amounts, to provide you all these choices.Most small business companies fail since their sites don’t satisfy your end objectives, convert earnings; you can be certain, yours will probably fail also.

  1. Wix Has Various Hidden Costs

Wix is affordable for small users and even some small businesses.Its premium plan begins from just $4 a month.Even the highest-paid premium plans are $24 a month, which is surprisingly affordable.Wix doesn’t make it clear that all the prices are yearly until you scroll down and read the small text that states, “Displayed prices are for yearly subscriptions, paid in full at the time of purchase.

wix hidding pricing

Moreover, when you add the apps that Wix provides from third parties, things start adding up.

Wix Pricing

The Wix app store may have some great apps for functionality and additional options, but it eats into your budget.

Simple Wix

Wix doesn’t make it abundantly clear that your website won’t have to deal with these costs. Since it advertises itself as a one “subscription fee fits all” platform, it doesn’t mention that detail.This isn’t a problem, though. Many online subscription services skip over the details. However, for small businesses that need additional website functionality, this is a crucial element.

  1. Wix Doesn’t Allow You to Migrate Website Data Easily

Migrating data is one of the most painful things you can do when running a website. If even one thing goes wrong, you may have a significant problem on your hands. I know of glitches that delete every single image associated with the website, and they have to be re-inserted manually.With business websites, as large as they are, you can’t afford mishaps.This is where Wix kind of drops the ball. It doesn’t make it convenient for its users to move their content. This is intentional to keep users on the platform. A lot of ecosystem-based companies do it, including Apple.However, if you plan to change your platform or overhaul your website, Wix will make it hard for you.How hard?


You have to migrate through RSS and manually saving each image and upload to your desired CMS. It could be automated with a WordPress plugin, but you're always at risk of losing traffic and SEO juice.

  1. Wix Terms and Conditions

It seems a good idea Wix offers secure and completely free web hosting, letting you concentrate on the important things — such as building your very own beautiful site.But you’re always at the risk of account suspension without any prior notice — at any time and in any manner.

Wix Terms and Condition

It means a small mistake can destroy your business website in a matter of seconds; it doesn’t matter you have been with Wix for a decade.Since you don't have any control over the Wix hosting, you’re at the mercy of their business rules.It’s better to create a website on WordPress or any other open-source application where you have complete control over your website. You can make regular backups on your clouds like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon S3 in case something wrong happens with your site.

  1. Wix’s Poor Customer Support

Customer service is the core of a company, which leaves the client feeling respected and valued.Although providing a superb service may involve additional source, time, and cash, you’ll see a boost in your sales when you invest money in good customer support since your customers will provide free word of mouth marketing.

Bear in mind; it will be six times more costly to get a new customer than to keep a present customer!

Have a look at Trustpilot’s reviews about Wix—64% of the reviews are 1-star.

64 poor reviews

Wix clients are frustrated when it comes to customer service.

Poor Customer Support Wix

Another bad review.

Customer Support

Wix doesn’t have only two negative reviews, but 1402 1-star reviews — that’s an alarming number.

  1. Wix Payment & eCommerce

A payment gateway is a service that enables all of your credit card transactions by your credit card supplier.It is a bridge between an eCommerce website and the bank which supports a customer's credit card payment via the payment gateway providers.On Trustpilot, dozens of people have reported against the Wix Payment Gateway for eCommerce.

Wix Poor eCommerce Support

On top of that, Wix holds your payouts for verification for a more extended period, and sometimes, Wix can freeze your account.

Payout Wix

9. Wix Website Speed Limitations

Website speed is a critical factor in the success of any website, as it can impact user experience, search engine rankings, and even conversions. Unfortunately, Wix's website builder can be slow to load, negatively impacting your business in many ways.

Firstly, slow website speed can frustrate users and cause them to abandon your website, resulting in a high bounce rate. This can signal to search engines that your website does not provide a positive user experience, which can hurt your rankings.Secondly, slow website speed can also impact your website's performance on mobile devices. Most people browse websites on their mobile devices today, and slow-loading pages can be particularly frustrating on smaller screens.Finally, slow website speed can impact your website's ability to convert visitors into customers. If your website loads quickly, visitors may become impatient and choose to purchase from a competitor instead.While Wix's website builder is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, its website speed limitations can significantly impact your business. If you are considering using Wix for your business website, it is important to understand these limitations and weigh them against the benefits of using a website builder.

10. Wix Website Security Limitations

Secure websites are essential for businesses, and Wix takes this threat seriously. Wix uses industry-standard security protocols to protect its users and their websites. They also offer SSL encryption on all websites, including custom domains, which helps to protect against hackers and other security threats.However, while Wix takes security seriously, there are some limitations to their website builder. For example, Wix doesn't allow you to install third-party security plugins, which can be a disadvantage if you need more advanced security features. Additionally, Wix has limited security settings, which may need to be improved for some businesses with higher security needs.

Wix also doesn't offer website backups on all pricing plans, which can be a concern if you need to restore your website after a security breach or data loss. Finally, Wix doesn't allow users to directly access their website's server files, which may be a limitation for users who need more control over their website's security.Suppose you need more advanced security features or greater control over your website's security. In that case, it may be worth considering other website builders or working with a web developer to build a custom website with more robust security features. Although Wix takes security seriously, their website builder has some limitations regarding security features.

Final Thoughts

The growth of all-in-one website builders such as Wix has enabled an increasing number of consumers (often with limited technical expertise) to create sites in just a couple of hours easily.But specifically, Wix does not satisfy the price tag, SEO, flexibility, and requirements that many modern-day small business owners need.Wix may be perfectly okay for casual and bloggers amateurs; they nevertheless suffer from various defects, making them unsuitable for company requirements.When they start growing and getting some SEO knowledge, they regret the decisions, but it’s too late to move on to another platform.

If you want to design a custom website with effective SEO and niche targeting for a flat low monthly fee, then you should contact One Smart Sheep. They will take care of all the details for you and provide great hosting and keep the site up to date. While they make the perfect website for you, you can focus on running your business the right way.


Is Wix safe from hackers

Wix, as a cloud-based web development platform, prioritizes security and implements a range of measures to protect its users' websites from hacking attempts. They manage the security of their servers and ensure that their software is up to date to mitigate vulnerabilities. However, no platform can be 100% safe from hackers, so it's also important for users to employ strong passwords, keep their own computers secure, and regularly update any apps or third-party software they use on their Wix websites.

Is Wix terrible for SEO?

Wix has improved its SEO capabilities significantly and is not "terrible" for SEO. It offers a range of SEO features that can effectively optimize your site for search engines. However, it may not be as advanced or customizable as other platforms like WordPress.

Does Wix own your content?

No, Wix does not own your content. The content you create and upload to your Wix website remains your property. Wix's terms of service specify that they do not claim ownership over user-generated content.

Can Wix handle high traffic?

Yes, Wix can handle high traffic. Wix websites are hosted on Wix's servers, which are designed to manage varying levels of traffic. However, for extremely high traffic volumes, you may need to consider their premium plans for better bandwidth and performance.

Who used Wix the most?

Wix is most commonly used by small to medium-sized business owners, freelancers, and individuals who need a user-friendly platform to create and manage websites without technical expertise in coding or web design.

Is WordPress or Wix better for small businesses?

The choice between WordPress and Wix for small businesses depends on specific needs. Wix is user-friendly and requires less technical skill, making it great for beginners. WordPress offers more customization and control, which might be better for businesses that need specific functionalities or have plans to scale significantly.

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