Best Website Builders for Small Businesses [Expert Picks 3]

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Building a website should not be an intimidating job, but with a site builder, you can have a website running within a few hours. In the following guide, we’ll go over the advantages, disadvantages, and much more of working with a website builder.

Do you want to choose the best website builder for your small business that is budget-friendly, easy to learn, and stuns your customers?

We have done the homework for you!

We understand, you as a small business owner, are busy.

You need a website that can be built with the least budget but should look as if you have invested more than $20,000. Right?

Did you know that the best part of a website builder is building a website yourself without learning to code?

Let’s get started.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Advantages of website builders
  • Disadvantages of website builders
  • Best 3 Commonly Used Website Builders
  • Bonus – Something Better Than Website Builder

Benefits of Using a Website Builder

1. No Code Learning

Learning to code is the most challenging task for busy small business owners.

Most web technologies are not simple; you need a minimum of six months to understand the basics.


Learning To Code Average Time



If you want to learn from code academies, they are pricey.


Code Price


With page builders, you can make complex websites quicker, even if you don’t have some web design or development experience.

2. Template Options

Almost all website builders provide you with basic templates to modify to create your company’s website.


Template Page Builder


Moreover, these templates give you an overall impression and idea of how the final design will look.

3. Drag & Drop Website Building

Page Builder delivers a drag & drop site-building system. You may easily add anything such as text, icons, buttons, or other components to any webpage.

Moreover, page builders help you make, edit, and personalize your site design without writing any code.


Drag Drop Builder


Most page drag & drop builders have built-in landing pages, sales pages, thank you pages, webinar registration pages, coming soon web pages, upkeep fashion pages, 404 pages, and much more.

4. You Can Create Websites Faster Using Templates

Developing a web site from scratch can take months or weeks.

Using a web page builder, on the other hand, you can find the business website completed in days or even hours for those who understand what they are doing.


Easy Page Builder


Besides, you can accelerate the process much more using templates to kickstart your layouts. Templates are pre-made designs for certain Kinds of web pages.

5. Budget Friendly

In case you’ve got money and time, then there may certainly be advantages to hiring a professional website designer to construct your site for you.

Hiring an expert web designer costs typically in the assortment of 3,000-$6,000; it may cost more or less based on your requirements and what you employ.

In contrast, some site builders are free, some charge $5-$40 per month, plus a few come free with additional site services like hosting, advanced features, etcetera.


Wix Plans


Whatever the circumstance, the expense of a site builder is simpler to fit into a tight budget than the price of earning a professional.

6. Easy for Your Employees to Make Changes to Website Without Training

Your small business website may need updates from time to time, so it’s critical to make little tweaks to be certain that the website’s information remains precise and accurate.

It makes your life more straightforward for a small business owner, and you do not need to move in and make these changes yourself each time.

Most website builders are simple enough to work with that. All you need is to provide your employees with login info and easily make requested modifications for you.


Test Page Builder

7. eCommerce Becomes Easy

Selling products on your website needs a shopping cart functionality on the site that demands a huge budget if you want to go utterly custom.

Many small business site builders can add functionalities easily and intuitively.


Adding Products Via Site Builder


Moreover, you can quickly get set up to make purchases on your site and be certain that you are providing sufficient protection to keep your clients safe.

Disadvantages of Using a Website Builder

1. Lack of Customization

Even though you have various template choices, you still can’t customize them to suit your needs. You will have to make certain compromises in this regard.

Most page builders cost additional for premium features.


Pro Version


It doesn’t end here as the cost keeps adding as you grow and need more advanced custom features like Registration / Signup Form, Login Form, Registration Form, and more.


Page Builder Pricing


It clearly shows that developers take more money out of your pocket for additional features that should be added for free even if you buy the premium version.

2. All by Yourself

You will have to make all the decisions and choices by yourself. Since you aren’t hiring an expert, you will have to figure out everything on your own.

It means you must have good knowledge of:

  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • User Experience (UX) design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Color psychology and its impact on the audience
  • Latest trends and technologies being used in your industry
  • Copywriting skills to hook your clients
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

And much more.

Designing a website through a website builder isn’t as easy as you think. It needs careful planning, research, and creativity to make your website a success.

Even if you have designed the best website, if it’s SEO broken, Google may never index your site.

3. Not Very Suitable for Professional Business

Business sites have to get excellent design, SEO coding, and specialist capabilities.

More frequently than not, customers won’t ever go to your site twice if you’ve got a cheap-looking web design.

Your website’s design isn’t just for decorative purposes.

As demonstrated by a study, 48 percent of individuals think that website design is your number one factor in determining the authenticity and credibility of your website.


Poor Small Business Website


Do you think your clients will trust the above website? Not much. The site’s design is saying itself, “I’m spam, don’t call me.”

It seems the owner himself designed the website with the help of a page builder, and he doesn’t have any knowledge of UX, UI, and recent trends in web design.

4. Not Custom Designed

If you’d like a great site, you will need the expertise of an experienced web designer.

All site builders aren’t custom made. Their free templates appear generic and fit for all kinds of businesses.

It doesn’t deliver any deep personalizations to its customers. They just feel and appear dissatisfied. If your client has seen the same design somewhere, you may never buy from your site.

Did you know?

Creating a hero section like idesign is not easy to make with any of the page builders.


Idesign Cost Of The Website

5. Slow Loading Time

Websites built using free site builders load too slowly due to unwanted assets are loaded.

Every site builder has more than a dozen widgets and blocks, and each block has its CSS and JS, so the site builder loads all the assets associated with the widgets even if you’re not using the widget.

Let me show you proof.

Elementor offers more than 150 layouts, also known as kits.


Elementor Kits


I took the first kits Real Estate and put the link into GT Matrix— a free tool to check your website’s speed.


Slow Loading Elementor Templetes

As you can see, the total page size is more than 4MB and loads in 5 seconds.

If you hire a small business web design company, they can make the same site in less than 1MB and will load within 3 seconds or less.

The same is the case with other website builders like Beaver Builder.


Beaver Builder

5. Poor SEO

Unstructured and cluttered codes are pretty common in most website builders.

This is detrimental to your SEO ranking, which should allow you to rank better in search engines such as Google.

The major drawback is with site builders that you do not control the code, only design.

Most builders are poorly built for SEO.

Take an example of Elementor that shows unwanted code.

I built this simple page with Elementor, content taken from Techradar.


Simple Page Built With Elementor


When I looked at the source code of the page, unwanted HTML and CSS that could create SEO issues.


Unwanted CSS


Moreover, SEO Yoast doesn’t support Divi at the real-time editing level. You’ll need to spend extra time to optimize the page for On-Page SEO.

6. Limited Features

Even though a few of those web site builders provide better features in their premium plans, most do not.

Most website builders claim they can build everything, but actually, they have substantial limitations. They don’t want to discuss their weakness — bad for their business, of course.


Elementor Limitations


Limited features are not limited to WordPress website builder; Wix and other website builders have the same issues.


Wix Limitations


The only remarkable thing about that is that most of these site builders provide you a money-back guarantee so that you can check for yourself that builder is suitable for your style.

Best Website Builders for Small Businesses

I have tried to find the best website builders for your small business that is cost-effective and powerful enough to fulfill all your business needs.

I’ll compare Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, WordPress, and Shopify.


Google Trends Among Wix Squarespace Weebly WordPress Shopify


Let’s talk about Wix first.

1. Wix

Wix drag-and-drop builder has everything: it’s simple to use, builds impressive sites, and enables you to customize virtually anything you can consider.

Obviously, Wix may not work for every single small-business site. Although reasonable, its costs are not the cheapest, and it does not offer you the plugins or the ideal eCommerce tools.

Must Read: 8 Huge Reasons Not to Use Wix for Business Websites

Therefore, if you are on an ultra-tight budget or you intend to sell tens of thousands of products every month, then you may want to proceed to another website builder on our listing.

Despite its constraints, Wix’s quality and flexibility make it the ideal site builder for most people.

Wix Ease of Use 4/5

Wix is most likely among the most user-friendly site builders.

It uses a drag-and-drop editor, supporting in-line editing and supplying a complete WYSIWYG—What You See Is What You Get— experience.

To put it differently, it allows you to view your website as you assemble it, without needing to preview your job in a brand new window.

Using Wix, you’ve got two possibilities:

  • Wix ADI. Wix ADI designs your site for you, according to your responses to a couple of questions.




You select a type of business from the list.


Select A Type Of Website You Need On Wix


You can easily select the features you need on your small business website. For instance, you can add:

  • Chat
  • Online Store
  • Blog
  • Booking engine
  • Menu

And much more.


Select Wix Features You Need In A Website


Type the name of your small business.


Name Of Your Business On Wix


Another useful feature Wix provides to import images from your website and Google My Business.


Import Images


When you provide a link, it starts importing images.


Wix Load Images From Small Business Website


You need to review the information.


Review Info On Wix


Later on, you need to pick a theme.


Pick A Theme


You’re asked to pick the best web design for your business.


Pick Your Web Design For Your Small Business Website


You can easily add relevant pages to your website.


Add Pages To Wix


Once done, you’re ready to edit your website in real-time.


Easy Edit Wix Website


Wix also makes essential elements of a website easy to modify.


Wix Main Menu

  • Wix Editor. Wix Editor utilizes drag-and-drop performance, meaning whatever on your site can be repositioned by simply clicking and clicking the product, then transferring it where you would like.

Wix Website Start


You’re asked to Start Now.

Create A Website With Wix

With tens of thousands of templates and good tools, Wix enables you to construct and sell throughout your website.

Beginner-friendly and scalable, Wix is more acceptable for anything from private online portfolios to small business sites.



Editing is as simple as turning on a light switch.



For people who are a bit more technology-savvy, you may even utilize Wix Code. This allows you to get and edit the raw HTML supporting your template for much greater customization.

Wix Design Quality 4/5

Wix design quality is great for the type of businesses that Wix has already made. Otherwise, you may need to hire a dedicated web designer to design a website as per your business needs.

Wix makes it effortless to develop amazing, highly usable sites. Certainly, more is not necessarily better. However, Wix’s templates do not sacrifice quality for quantity.

Wix Amazing Templetes

Wix has pre-built content templates that contain eye-catching contours and colors.

What is the final result with Wix?

Your small business website looks as if it had been created by a professional web designer, ideal for earning customers’ trust.

Wix Support 1/5

According to our research, Wix has the worst customer support among all builders.

Due to the COVID-19, Wix has acquired millions of customers, but they didn’t focus on investing in good customer service.

Trustpilot is filled with extremely bad Wix reviews.


Trustpilot WIx Bad Support

You will come across Wix stories that will shock you to the core.

At the time of writing this post, the recent review is negative and informs customers to stay away from Wix.


Wix Bad Review


It’s not limited to Trustpilot only; customers use Twitter and social media to address their dilemmas.


Wix Is The Worst

The worst part? Wix doesn’t offer support via live chat.


Wix No Live Chat

Wix SEO 3/5

Search Engine Optimization is a key factor in the success of any online business.

No matter how much budget you have, sooner or later, you may stop spending money on PPC since the competition is getting younger day by day.

SEO is a safe way to get clients from search engines organically.

Ahrefs ran a fascinating study to compare Wix SEO with WordPress. According to the study, 46% of WordPress sites got good monthly traffic from search engines compared with only 1.4% of Wix websites. That’s a gigantic difference.


Wordpress Vs Wix Traffic


Wix didn’t only lose the war based on search engine traffic, but also Wix websites were found to be lower Domain Rating than WordPress.

Domain Rating is the metric of Ahrefs that indicates how popular the website is in Google’s eyes and how likely it can rank on Google.

Wix has serious SEO limitations:

  • Post URL Limitation. You cannot change the permalink structure at all. Wix puts /post/ for the blog post that may seem inappropriate.

Wix Permalink SEO Limitation

  • Robots.txt and .htaccess Limitation. You cannot alter Robots.txt and .htaccess that are critical elements in SEO for bigger sites. With Robots.txt, you’re able to instruct Google Bot which pages to index and not to index to be sure only quality web pages are present in the Google Index. The .htaccess will help in redirection and fixes canonical URLs quickly and many other helpful SEO tasks.
  • Javascript Rendering. Wix renders web pages via JavaScript that isn’t readable by search engines until search engines consume more resources to render it. In addition, the website loads fully only if a user has JavaScript enabled in their browser. Because of Javascript, the Wix sites load slowly for most users.



  • Multi-Language Limitations. Have you been thinking about running your website for numerous languages? For example, SEMrush writes blog posts in Deutsch, English, Deutsch, and Français to position better in the Google results. You can not do so on Wix in any way. It’s possible using the hreflang tags which Wix doesn’t support at the right time of writing this post.


Cannot Add Hreflag

Wix Pricing & Features 3/5

Wix is affordable for beginner users as well as for small businesses.

Its plan starts from only $4 per month, and its top-notch plan is $24 per month, which can be surprisingly reasonably priced.


Wix Without Javascript


But Wix does not allow it to be crystal very clear that each of the rates is annual until you scroll down and see the text in a small font size which says, “prices are for annual subscriptions paid in full in the time of purchase


Wix Hidding Pricing


Additionally, your cost keeps adding up when you install premium apps.


Wix Pricing


The Wix program shop might have some fantastic plans, but it extracts money from your pocket when you add more premium apps that otherwise should be free.


Simple Wix

Did you know?

Wix does not make it obvious on the official website that your site needs extra money to avail the premium features.

Wix claims the “subscription fee matches all” system; it does not mention this detail.

That is not an issue, however, for many owners. But for smaller business owners that want to save costs, it’s a big deal.

The plans mentioned below are for the basics websites:

Most Basics Combo Unlimited VIP
Price $4/month* $8.5/month* $12.5/month* $24.5/month*
Bandwidth 1GB 2GB Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth
Storage 500MB 3GB Storage 10GB Storage 20GB Storage
Connect Custom Domain Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed
Domain X X Free Domain for 1 Year Free Domain for 1 Year
Ads Show Wix Ads Show Wix Ads Remove Wix Ads Remove Wix Ads
Video X X 1 Video Hour 2 Video Hours
Apps X X Site Booster App – $60 Value

Visitor Analytics App – $60 Value

Site Booster App

Visitor Analytics App

Support Basic Basic Basic VIP Support & Priority Response
Other Value X X X Free Social Media Logo files

Free Professional Logo

The plans mentioned below are for the eCommerce websites:

Business Basic Business Unlimited

Business VIP

Price $17/month* $25/month* $35/month*
Online Payment Accepted Accepted Accepted
Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth
Storage 20GB Storage 35GB Storage 50GB Storage
Connect Custom Domain Allowed Allowed Allowed
Domain Free Domain for 1 Year Free Domain for 1 Year Free Domain for 1 Year
Ads Remove Wix Ads Remove Wix Ads Remove Wix Ads
Video 5 Video Hours X Unlimited Video Hours
Apps Site Booster App

Visitor Analytics App

Site Booster App – $60 Value

Visitor Analytics App – $60 Value

Site Booster App

Visitor Analytics App

Support Basic Basic VIP Support & Priority Response
Other Value X Professional Logo

Pro eCommerce Features

Sales Analytics & Reports

Pro eCommerce Features

Free Professional Logo

Data effective 10/09/2020. At publishing time, pricing and features are current but are subject to change. Offers may not be available in all areas.

All the pricing are yearly, monthly pricing is the following:

Plans Real Monthly Pricing Monthly Pricing Paid Yearly
Most Basics $7/month $4.5/month
Combo $12/month $8.5/month
Unlimited $16/month $12.5/month
VIP $30/month $24.50/month
Business Basic $21/month $17/month
Business Unlimited $30/month $25/month
Business VIP $40/month $35/month

Wix Value for Money: 2/5

It has no doubt Wix provides exceptional value for money at the surface level when you’re a newbie to Wix.

When we calculate a value for money, we take account of the following critical elements:

  • SEO 4/5. Wix is great for beginners and small business owners, but it lacks advanced SEO features. Javascript rendering, .htaccess limitations, multiple languages, Schema limitations, and lack of SEO automation cost you money in the long term.
  • Web design 4/5. One template can be used by thousands of websites and may make your small business usual. Clients are attracted to unique website design. With an additional budget, you can hire a web designer to make a unique web design for you.
  • eCommerce 2/5. Wix lacks advanced eCommerce features and has plenty of issues that need to be fixed. Trustpilot has hundreds of negative reviews against the Wix eCommerce system.
  • Storage 1/5. Storage is the biggest issue that eCommerce businesses face sooner or later. If you opt for the Business Basic plan that costs $21/month, you get only 20GB of space. It means you have more than a thousand products; this limit will run out soon. Wix isn’t ideal for you if you want to add tens of thousands of products. Better to go for Shopify that offers unlimited products and storage
  • Support 1/5. When you buy a plan from a popular company, you expect exceptional support. Forget about live chat on Wix. As we’ve seen, Wix is among the companies that provide inferior support to its customers.
  • Pricing 3/5: Wix pricing starts from $7/month and ends at $40/month. Wix’s pricing is justified, but the storage is limited that makes it more expensive than Squarespace and WordPress.

2. Squarespace 4/5

Together with Squarespace, you do not require any coding knowledge at all.

All it requires is a little time, and you’re going to have a gorgeous site.

Similar to Wix, it has built-in eCommerce voucher tools, a custom domain name, and sometimes even SSL certificate security.

Moreover, It allows users to utilize pre-assembled site templates and drag-and-drop components to make websites.

Did you know?

The Squarespace business started in 2003 against Wix that started in 2006 when Squarespace has already achieved a milestone of 1 million dollars per year.

Squarespace Ease of Use 4/5

Squarespace isn’t hard to use, but it is not the simplest one of the site builders. In reality, Squarespace is the only site builder that doesn’t claim “ease of use” anywhere on its homepage.

When you create a new account, Sqauresapce asks you about the kind of website you need.


What Is Your Site About


Just like Wix, Squarespace also about the features you need on your website.


Sqaurespace Top GOals


Once you’re done with the questionnaire, hundreds of templates are showed:



When you select a template, you need to name your website.


Select Your Name


Once done, Squarespace offers you a to-do list before you publish your website online.


Support From Sqaurespace


Squarespace is easy to use.



Editing existing assets is also effortless.


Adding a block is easygoing.


Have you seen it?

It’s simply easy to customize your layout, in the fonts and colors directly to the sidebar thickness and background graphics.

Additionally, it is quite straightforward to change your cover page templates once you feel your site requires a revamp.

Squarespace Design Quality 3/5

Squarespace’s templates are all great and provide a very professional vibe.

You can create your small business site look like it has been professionally built without playing with any code on your own.


Sqaurespace Templetes


Squarespace’s templates are mobile-responsive so that the content is adjusted automatically on various devices, which means that your website looks great regardless of what device your client is using.

Squarespace Support 1/5

As being said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffett.

Did you know 9 out of 10 clients say they’re more likely to conduct business with you if you solve their complaint?

While lousy customer service may ruin average customer lifetime value, placing more stress on your advertising budget to bring in more clients, fantastic customer service may save a huge budget.

According to Trustpilot, Squarespace has awful customer support which leads to customers’ dissatisfaction and negative customer experience. It may have adverse consequences for the company and damages customer loyalty.


Squarespace Poor Support


Just like Wix, Squarespace also comes with horrible stories that indicate the inferior level of their customer support.


Bad SquareSpace Support


Squarespace has updated the version, and the new version is buggy, so does the support.


Bad SquareSpace Support Message By Robin

Squarespace could have addressed the problems being faced by the people on Trustpilot, but SquareSpace isn’t responding to negative reviews.

In order to get support, users have to go through multiple questions before they can send emails and live chat for support purposes.


Squarespace SEO 3/5

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process to rank higher in search engines like Google. It’s a great way to get evergreen traffic without spending a huge budget on PPC.

Squarespace provides all essential tools for SEO like:

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • Permalink structure
  • AMP
  • Google Console and Google Analytics

Unlike Wix, Squarespace offers multi-languages for its websites which is a good feature for people who want to run multiple versions of their websites in different languages.


Creating A Multilingual Site In Squarespace

But Squarespace has SEO limitations:

  • Javascript Rendering. Just like Wix, Squarespace lacks in some critical areas, especially when it comes to Javascript rendering.

What does Javascript do to your site? It delays the indexing process.


Googlebot Crawl Render Index


If your website has thousands of pages, the delay could take weeks to months. According to Google, not all bots can run Javascript.


Google Javascript Issues

  • Schema Markup Limitations. The major drawback of Squarespace is unable to add Schema Markup with any of the apps. You need to add manually.

If you want to inject code into your Squarespace website, you need Business or Commerce plans.


Schema Markup

  • .htaccess and Robots.txt Limitation. Similar to Wix that doesn’t allow to modify .htaccess and Robots.txt. It may not be the ideal solution to bigger websites.


Sqaurespace Robots.txt Limitations


Let’s take Techradar as an example for Robots.txt that is a custom website, not built on Squarespace.

Techradar has instructed Google Bot not to index any of the pages with deals, region, and product brand.

Moreover, they have listed their sitemaps in Robots.txt for faster indexing that you can’t do on Squarespace.


Techradar Robots.txt File

Squarespace Pricing & Features 4/5

Squarespace’s four charge plans vary from $12 to $40 a month (paid yearly).


Yealy Pricing SquareSpace

And approximately $16 to $46 a month when you pay monthly.


Monthly Pricing SquareSpace

The most economical would be the Personal plan—16$ per month, made for individuals use having a fantastic choice of basic capabilities.

The most expensive option is the Advanced Commerce plan—$46 per month, outfitted with the resources to develop an eCommerce enterprise.

It depends on the kind of website you need for your small business:

  • If you just want to showcase your services and a few pages are enough like a homepage, about us, contact, then the Personal plan will fulfill your needs.
  • If you want to integrate online payment and sell your products, you need at least a Business plan to get started.
Personal Business Basic Commerce Advanced Commerce
Price $12/month* $18/month* $26/month* $40/month*
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 20GB Unlimited
Connect Custom Domain
SEO Features for Site Visibility
Templates to Fit Every Need from Blogs to Portfolios

Mobile-Optimized Websites
24/7 Customer Support

Basic Website Metrics
Squarespace Extensions
Professional Email from Google*
Premium Integrations and Blocks
Complete Customization with CSS and JavaScript
Advanced Website Analytics

Up to $100 Google Ads Credits* Offer terms

Promotional Pop-ups and Banners

Fully Integrated E-Commerce

Transaction Fees
Sell Unlimited Products

Accept Donations

Gift Cards

Point of Sale

Customer Accounts

Checkout on Your Domain
Products on Instagram
Abandoned Cart Recovery
Sell Subscriptions
Advanced Shipping
Advanced Discounts
Commerce APIs
Limited Availability Labels

Let me make it extremely easy for you to choose the plan.

  • Personal Plan. The personal plan is to make a simple website. You can make a blog website where you can share your experience with the world or a simple small business website with no functionality to accept payment online. You get a free custom domain, SSL certificate, and 24/7 support.
  • Business plan. This plan allows you to sell online, but charge 3% per transaction charge on all sales. But this plan doesn’t allow customer accounts, the worst part is that the checkout payment isn’t done on your custom done, but on Squarespace.
  • Basic Commerce plan. This plan covers everything that is missing in Personal and Business plans—allowing your customers to pay on your custom domain, and allow customer accounts that build credulity and trust. The best part? You can sell directly on Instagram too. This plan will cover the needs of 80% of the users.
  • Advanced Commerce plan. This plan is really advanced that comes up with Abandoned cart recovery, sending automated email reminders to customers who abandon the checkout process before completing their purchases, sell subscriptions, advanced shipping, advanced discounts, and commerce API.

Squarespace Value for Money 4/5

Squarespace has better value for money than Wix and other website builders for small businesses due to unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space.

The plans provided by Squarespace align with the business objective and make better sense.

The best part is to clearly show the yearly and monthly pricing that Wix was hiding under the hood.

Let’s take into account the essential things that matter.

  • SEO 4/5. Same as Wix, Squarespace has SEO limitations that don’t matter when you want to rank your simple business website. As you cannot make any changes to .htaccess & robots.txt could be a big deal for many businesses. Squarespace supports multi-languages, which was a missing feature on Wix. Javascript rendering doesn’t matter much for small businesses since the delay indexing isn’t a major risk.
  • Web design 3/5. Squarespace templates are basic and not much innovative as Wix provides. They are simple but fast to load. But the advanced capability of editing and adding blocks is the possibility that you can create your dream website.
  • eCommerce 4/5. Squarespace provides streamlined solutions. It provides unlimited storage, unlimited product and payment integration with minimum fees.
  • Storage 5/5. Squarespace brings peace of mind since they provide unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage, unlike Wix—limited to 50GB maximum even in 2020.
  • Support 3/5. Squarespace has better support than Wix due to limited demands and a lower marketing budget. Wix gets thousands of customers each day that burden their customer support, especially during COVID-19. But it’s not the case with Square that supports email and live chat.
  • Pricing 4/5: Squarespace provides better pricing than Wix; although it starts with $4/month, it comes up with Wix Ads that are annoying. Squarespace pricing starts from $12/month and goes up to $40/month.

3. Divi Builder for WordPress 5/5

The very best thing about WordPress is that it’s simple to use and adaptable enough to create various kinds of sites.

That is the primary reason WordPress has increased a lot in popularity. According to, WordPress powers 38 percent of all sites online.


WordPress 38 Market Share November 2020


Not only that. WordPress enjoys a 63% market share among all other Content Management Systems (CMS).


CMS Market Share November 2020


You might be thinking the largest contributing factor to the achievement is that WordPress is equally free and open-source.

Being open-source means it’s effortless to discover, edit, use, and redistribute.

And WordPress has the largest community of developers in the market; you’ll find a solution to any complicated issue without even talking to your customer agent.

The best part?

You can even install WordPress on your local machine for free. You are free to modify and make your own dream website.

WordPress Ease of Use 4/5

If you want to build a website for small businesses with a website builder, it might not be a straightforward process.

When you install a new WordPress website, you’ll get this inelegant look.


New WordPress

It seems as if you’ve installed Windows 98 on your computer.

But don’t underestimate the power of WordPress since it powers the best websites in the world. runs on WordPress. WordPress

Did you know Microsoft Blog also runs on WordPress?


Microsoft Blog WordPress

Even our website, One Smart Sheep, is custom-built on WordPress.


WordPress has plenty of website builders, but we’ll use the one that is being used the most accounting for 9% of WordPress usage—Divi Builder.

Divi Builder is like Wix and Squarespace. You can easily edit any part of your website.



The best part of Divi Builder?

You can test it without even purchasing it by going to this link.


As you have seen, Divi Builder is easy to use.

Divi Design Quality 4/5

Divi has the kind of above 140 beautifully constructed premade templates that you can navigate and import on your web page without leaving the Divi Builder and learning to code.

Divi provides templates from 12 categories:

  • Art & Design
  • Business
  • Community & Non-Profit
  • Education
  • Events
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Online Store
  • Services
  • Technology

You’re in luck if your business belongs to any of the verticals. Even if it doesn’t belong to any of the categories, you can custom design for yourself.


Library Search

These designs are coordinated into complete site packs you could use to swiftly jumpstart your site.

Besides, they’re full of amazing original photographs and assets which you’re free to work with commercial rights.


Real Estate Divi Templete


The design quality of Divi templates is great that is CRO optimized—perfect for getting leads.

You might not need to make big changes for your small businesses for most of the templates except the images.

Divi Support 5/5

Divi provides exceptional support through live chat and email. To test its service, I asked a new customer a question to test the service before I purchase, they replied within a few minutes.


Divi Builder Support


If you face any major issue, or you don’t need wait hours and hours, unlike other services we have seen above.

When I checked the rating on Trustpilot, I was shocked to see the number of positive reviews Divi builder has. The major reason for such a good rating is its customer support.


Divi Builder Trustpilot Reviews


People are praising the Divi Builder in good words.

When I checked the negative reviews, most people have price issues.


Poor Divi Builder Review

Divi SEO 5/5

The best thing about Divi is that it runs on WordPress that is open-source software.

Being open-source helps to have complete control over SEO.

There are no limitations when it comes to SEO in WordPress.

You can easily edit everything that other website builders lack like:

  • Robots.txt
  • .htaccess
  • Schema

Want to edit robots.txt?

Install SEO Yoast


Robot.txt Edit In WordPress Step 1


Go to SEO>Tools and click File Editor.


Edit Robots.txt And .htaccess Step 2


Bingo! You can effortlessly edit Robots.txt and .htaccess like ABC.


Edit Robots.txt And .htaccess Step 3


You have over 3896 number of SEO plugins on WordPress that you can use on your small business site to achieve almost any kind of feature for free of cost.


Total 3836 SEO Plugins

Another best thing that WordPress provides is automation. You can automate much complex SEO works for free that can help you to get a higher ranking on Google with less effort.

For example, you can automate:

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • Schema

Title, and meta description can be automated with SEO Yoast.

Go to SEO> Search Appearance >Content Types.

You can specify SEO Yoast by writing a meta description and putting the variable. Whenever a new product or post is updated, the meta description is updated accordingly.


SEO Automation In WordPress


And much more.

It clearly shows you can save plenty of time that otherwise could have wasted on other things in other website builders.

You might be thinking of how Divi falls into the talk?

With SEO Yoast, you can adjust your title and meta description with ease.


SEO Yoast Divi


When you scroll down a little, SEO Yoast provides tips to optimize your Divi posts and pages.


SEO Analysis In Divi


The Javascript issues we saw in other builders, it’s not the issue in WordPress.

The reason is that WordPress is open-source, to put it differently, it has thousands of WordPress themes made by third parties—both free and paid.

You might find many WordPress themes that are rendered based on javascript as it’s the case with Wix and Squarespace since not all developers have SEO deep knowledge.

But you can find great themes that will not have javascript issues at all.

The biggest marketplace for WordPress themes is Themeforest, where you can find plenty of themes that suit your taste.

As far as Divi themes are concerned, they don’t have javascript issues in many templates.

Even if you disable it, you can still see the text. That is what matters.


Divi Pricing & Features 4/5

When we talk about the Divi pricing, everything doesn’t come up with it.

To launch a successful website from scratch, you need to purchase

  • Domain — $8 to $200
  • Hosting — $50 to $1200
  • Divi license — 89$ to $249

A website is actually the combination of a domain, a hosting, and a WordPress theme— Divi.


Divi Fees


The domain is like the name, and hosting is where your website’s assets are stored like images, HTML, JS, and more.

The domain cost is obvious, starting from 8$ and can go up to $200 per year, depending on the extension you choose.


Domain Cost


The hosting costs start from $50 a year to $1200 a year, depending on the features you need.


Kinsta Pricing


Selecting a hosting is a work of art since not all hosting companies are equal. Every web hosting company claims to be %99.9 uptime, but it’s not always feasible.

You need to investigate thoroughly before you decide to purchase the hosting on Trustpilot and other trusted reviews.


Hostgator Rating


Don’t trust Google’s results.

The secret is that these hosting companies provide a huge commission to bloggers to pay up to $150 per sale.


Hostgator Bad Rating


Why will the bloggers mock it?

Hostgator and Namecheap have the worst hosting, but you’ll not find people complaining about it since they pay them to bring them sales.

You’ll come to know the taste until you become a customer when you have already paid them for a year, you don’t have any other way, but to stay with them.

Divi Value for Money 4/5

Divi provides good value money since it provides lifetime access, and you can use it on a limited number of websites. That is really a good thing. Even after ten years, you can use the license when plenty of templates are added.

Let’s talk about the things that we take an account for:

  • SEO 5/5. From per SEO perspective, the combination of Divi and WordPress is the best. WordPress provides complete control over SEO, you’re not limited like other website builders on the list. You can edit robots.txt, .htaccess, multi-languages support, no javascript issues, advanced Schema, and much more.
  • eCommerce 3/5. Divi is eCommerce optimized and can be connected with Woocommerce. Divi has only 21 online store templates, many are stunning templates.

21 Online Themes

  • Storage 5/5. Divi’s storage totally depends on the hosting you’re using. Many hosting provides unlimited storage, but ensure to read the terms and services before you buy the unlimited hosting. They always have a limit.
  • Support 4/5. Divi provides exceptional support to its customers, that’s why it has a 5-star rating on Trustpilot.
  • Pricing 3/5. Divi is affordable if you buy its lifetime package. But you need to afford the hosting plan as well.

When all the things are taken into account, you’ll come to realize Divi provides better value than other builders.

Bonus — Better than Wix, Squarespace, and Divi

What if I tell you better than Wix, Squarespace, and Divi?

The biggest issue with all the above builders is that all require time and effort.

You need to learn its use and need hours and hours of Youtube videos until you make a professional-looking website.

To solve the issue, our company provides:

  • 100% Custom Website
  • Domain
  • Ultra-fast hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Support

We’re Wix, but we’re better than Wix but we do 100% of the work. You just enjoy and give real-time feedback.

Is it expensive?


You pay an extremely budget-friendly monthly price as you pay for Wix and Squarespace.

Ain’t impressed yet?

See our breathtaking portfolio and pricing.


You have seen three great website builders for small businesses. Each builder has its pros and cons, but it depends on your budget and pricing.

These builders can help to create almost 80% of the websites, but not all small businesses’ needs can be fulfilled with the above builders.

Some small business owners know the true value of custom websites since builders create generic websites. They don’t give a sense of uniqueness.

Our US-based company— One Smart Sheep— provides small businesses with a professionally developed custom website, hosting, maintenance, and support for a budget-friendly price each month.