SEO Transformation With One Smart Sheep Drives Results

A collaboration with One Smart Sheep propelled outstanding outcomes for WordPress Themes company, ThinkUpThemes.

Total Impression Increase
Click Through Rate Increase (CTR)
Return on Investment  Increase (ROI)
Domain Rating Increase
Link Building Authority Increase
Organic Keywords Increase

Owner Message

I am writing today not just as the Manager of ThinkUpThemes but as a testament to the transformative power of strategic SEO when executed with precision and passion. 

Over the past months, we've embarked on an SEO journey with One Smart Sheep, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable.

The dedication, expertise, and sheer commitment they've shown in ensuring ThinkUpThemes not only ranks well but also connects authentically with our audience is commendable. 

Our website has witnessed a surge in organic traffic, better engagement, and improved rankings, all pointing towards the astuteness of One Smart Sheep's strategy.

About Think Up Themes

Established in 2013, ThinkUpThemes has firmly positioned itself as a leading creator of WordPress Themes, boasting over 4 million downloads. With a diverse range of 27 meticulously designed themes, users are empowered to craft websites that are both visually compelling and user-friendly. 

Their themes are renowned for being responsive, HD-ready, and highly customizable, with a plethora of features such as unlimited colors, Google Fonts, and SEO optimization. Beyond the technical brilliance, what truly sets ThinkUpThemes apart is its commitment to the community. 

Users have consistently lauded the unparalleled support provided, highlighted by prompt responses and solutions tailored to individual needs. 

Whether you're an entrepreneur, developer, or hobbyist, ThinkUpThemes offers the tools and support to transform your digital vision into reality.


  • Highly Competitive Niche: The market for WordPress themes is saturated, with numerous established players. Achieving a competitive edge in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) was a significant challenge.
  • Rapidly Changing Algorithms: Staying abreast of Google's ever-changing algorithm updates and ensuring the site remains compliant without losing ranking.
  • Technical SEO Issues: The ThinkUpThemes website initially had technical issues such as broken links, improper indexing, and slow loading speeds that needed addressing.
  • Content Duplication: There were instances of duplicated content, which risked reducing the site's SEO value and its authority in search engines.
  • Link Profile: The website's backlink profile contained some low-quality, irrelevant links that potentially harmed its SEO value.
  • User Engagement Metrics: Improving metrics like bounce rate, session duration, and pages per session to ensure user engagement is aligned with Google's ranking factors.
  • Keyword Saturation: Some pages had an over-saturation of keywords, which could lead to penalties if not addressed.
  • Content Update Frequency: The dynamic nature of WordPress themes meant frequent updates. Ensuring that the content on the site reflected these updates without negatively impacting SEO was crucial.
  • Domain Rating (DR): ThinkUpThemes operates in a highly competitive market where many theme developers and providers have already established strong domain ratings. Achieving a competitive DR amidst seasoned competitors is daunting.
  • Organic Traffic: Even with a well-optimized site, there's no guarantee of consistent organic traffic. Competing against established giants, newer algorithms emphasizing user behavior, and emerging platforms can hinder organic traffic growth.
  • Organic Keywords: Identifying and ranking for the right organic keywords is a task in itself. With the ever-evolving user search patterns, ensuring ThinkUpThemes ranks for both high-volume and long-tail keywords relevant to its audience requires perpetual efforts.

Our Strategies for these Challenges

When One Smart Sheep took on ThinkUpThemes' SEO challenges, they embarked on a refined strategy. To enhance the domain rating, they prioritized building authentic relationships with industry influencers gaining high-quality backlinks. 

For organic traffic, deep audience analysis was paired with content that met user intent, ensuring relevance and volume. 

They went beyond typical keyword research for organic keywords, tapping into emerging trends and long-tail opportunities. 

By aligning content with these findings, they improved user engagement, solidifying ThinkUpThemes' position in the market. 

This strategic approach underscored the value of adaptability and foresight in SEO.

In addressing ThinkUpThemes' content needs, One Smart Sheep recognized the immense value of technical blogs. They curated a series of in-depth technical blogs tailored specifically for ThinkUpThemes' audience. 

What our Strategies Impact on Business

In their inaugural year of overseeing ThinkUpThemes' wordpress theme downloads initiatives, One Smart Sheep elevated ThinkUpThemes' ROI by a whopping 120 percent.

ThinkUpThemes remarked, "We're witnessing the ROI that One Smart Sheep promised, especially in the realms of paid search and our e-commerce platform."

Subsequent to their collaboration with ThinkUpThemes, One Smart Sheep now steers search engine optimization (SEO) and local SEO campaigns for other ThinkUpThemes entities, aiming to amplify qualified leads and boost revenue.

Examine the impressive outcomes we facilitated for ThinkUpThemes.