Why There Is No Such Thing as One Time Pricing

One time pricing is a cost or charge that arises once and is most likely never going to materialize again. At least, that’s what we’ve heard, right? We’re going to debunk this idea and tell you why one time pricing is bad for you.

Why Is One Time Pricing Bad For You?

Let’s take an example of a website. Imagine you pay a base cost for a website and then use all the services for free. Sounds too good to be true, right? It is. Under one time pricing, there are almost always hidden charges that the user is not privy to. Many individuals sign up for one time pricing because they are made to believe that this is the only cost they will have to pay. There are always recurring costs that are usually hidden until the user has no choice but to pay.

We believe that one time pricing is bad for you. Especially for a website which needs constant maintenance and upgrades, one time pricing is not the way to go. With a website, comes content writing including blogs and articles, web hosting, WordPress maintenance, plugin updates, hacker protection and constant updates— all of which have their own separate costs. One time pricing is more like the first installment you pay before you have to pay a dozen more. One time pricing is also very expensive and we don’t want you to make any decisions that you might regret, so we suggest switching to monthly subscription pricing soon!

Why One Smart Sheep Believes In Monthly Subscription Pricing

Here, at One Smart Sheep, we want the best for our clients. We highly recommend monthly subscription pricing over any other pricing methods, and here’s why.

The customer always has a flexible choice to opt out. With a fixed one time price, the customer is stuck for life but with subscription pricing, that is not the case. With monthly pricing, the customer has the choice to discontinue a service without losing any money.

Since most of our customers are small business websites, subscription pricing is the best option for them. Subscription cost is spread out, so it is easier to pay rather than a fixed one time price which is very expensive and almost unaffordable by most small businesses. Having a monthly predictable rate is definitely easier than unexpected costs that arise from nowhere.

Through monthly subscription pricing, we guarantee you that the services we provide you with will be the best throughout the whole year. There is no compromise on the services we provide to our clients.

So forget about random bills arriving in the mail, which you have to pay! With monthly subscription pricing, you are the boss. Start with a low cost and see if we’re right for you – and go on from there.