Reasons Not to Use Wix for Business Websites

Wix is one of the most widely used platforms for designing websites. You will see their ads everywhere online. Influencers sponsor it as this great tool that takes care of all the details when designing a site. However, that’s not the whole story.

Wix may be a great app for beginners. However, it’s definitely not a complete package when it comes to website design for businesses. Website design entails taking care of specifics like optimizing landing pages, niche targeting, etc. These things aren’t given the attention they need in Wix.

Allow me to elaborate further.

Using Wix Makes Your Brand Look Cheap

Wix is geared for people who need free or low-cost websites. As a result, the company limits users to a collection of premade website templates. The generic design and URL ( makes you look unprofessional, and customers will immediately start to question if you’re really a legitimate business.


Wix has Limited Options to SEO Optimize Websites

There is nothing simple about SEO. It takes more than just googling the right keywords or writing content for your website. SEO requires an understanding of your niche audience to actually optimize your website for your clientele. Business websites specifically require that their design and content are both optimized for a specific audience. That’s why you can search for hundreds of thousands of articles just on SEO optimization.

Defining your SEO strategy, according to your audience, doesn’t just relate to their age and their gender. It also cuts across lines of class, of what devices they’re using to access your website, what products they use, etc. All of this requires specific SEO goals to be kept in mind. Separate landing pages need to be designed based on local SEO. Similarly, voice search and specific questions need to be targeted to answer users’ queries. Furthermore, you must add actionable, usable information to your site continuously so that Google indexes it as authoritative.

JavaScript Elements

One of the main weaknesses of Wix is that its SEO structure has the inclusion of a “#” or a hashbang. This element, while served through JavaScript, is not readable by search engines. Furthermore, this element only works for websites if the user has JavaScript enabled for their browser. This is a fundamental problem with the design language employed by Wix. It’s specifically hard for a business website to target its clientele if the tool they’re using doesn’t allow that.

All these elements combine to give your website a great SEO ranking. However, with Wix, there is a general emphasis on the basics. While it’s not necessarily contrary to the characteristics required for successful SEO, it’s inadequate for business SEO.

Wix Oversimplifies the Difficulties of Designing a Website

When searching for a specific result on Google, you may notice a meta title beneath the title, along with a meta description. This tells you, and more importantly Google, what the page includes. Keywords and phrases within the meta title and description tell Google why it should pick this result over the others. This is important to the structure of a webpage, whether it includes a blog post or simple web content.

Wix hides the complexities of website design by sometimes eliminating these elements. This makes it harder for Google to select a specific result to show you in its search results. Instead, Wix focuses on making beautiful pages and clear, minimalist designs. While that does help in SEO, it does nothing for a website’s specificity in search results. An attractive design will only be relevant once a user has clicked on your URL and opened up the page. It will stop that user from leaving and/or bouncing. Before that, if Google doesn’t serve up the result to the user, the design is useless.

Wix Has Various Hidden Costs

Wix is affordable for small users and even some small businesses. Its premium plans begin from just $4 a month. Even the highest paid premium plans are $24 a month, which is surprisingly affordable. However, when you begin to add the apps that Wix provides from third parties, things start adding up. The Wix app store may have some great apps for functionality and additional options, but it eats into your budget.

Wix doesn’t make it abundantly clear that your website won’t have to deal with these costs. Since it advertises itself as a one “subscription fee fits all” platform, it doesn’t mention that detail. This isn’t a problem, though. Many online subscription services skip over the details. However, for small businesses that need additional website functionality, this is a crucial detail.

Wix Doesn’t Allow You to Migrate Website Data Easily

Migrating data is one of the most painful things you can do when running a website. If even one thing goes wrong, you may have a major problem on your hands. I know of glitches that delete every single image associated with the website and they have to be re-inserted manually.

With business websites, as large as they are, you can’t afford mishaps. This is where Wix kind of drops the ball. It doesn’t make it convenient for its users to move their content. This is intentional to keep users on the platform. A lot of ecosystem-based companies do it, including Apple.

However, if you plan on changing your platform or overhauling your website, Wix will make it hard for you.

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